Riverside, CA 643

District No. 1160

Lodge 643 History 1920 - 1940

Brothers W. C. Davidson and Charles O. Reid very ably served as Exalted Rulers, 1920-1921 and 1921-1922, respectively.  Numerous classes of candidates were initiated during Brother Davidson's year, which closed with a total of 508 members.  The National Convention was held in Los Angeles during Brother Reid's year.  Our Lodge did much to entertain the delegate trains routed through Riverside.  We were well represented at the Convention. 

During 1922-1923, our Lodge won the Southern California Ritualistic Championship under the leadership of Exalted Ruler Hugh H. Craig.  His victory was short lived for five months after installation, the Great Ruler of the universe called Judge Craig to sit in his court. 

Brother E. B. Criddle filled out the unexpired term and was elected for the following year 1923-1924.  The initiation fee was increased from $25 to $50.  Plans were considered for the sale of the Eleventh and Main Street property, creation of a bond issue, and the aggregate proceeds were to be used for building a new clubhouse on the Market Street property. 

During Brother W. E. Friend's year as the twenty-second Exalted Ruler, 1923-1924, plans for a proposed clubhouse were submitted, but the building never materialized.  P.E.R. Sarau at this time served as District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler. 

During Brother J. Wesley Shrimp's year as Exalted Ruler, 1925-1926, the Brown property to the south of our clubhouse, was purchased for $18,000, and the Market Street property was authorized to be sold for not less than $30,000. 

Our Twenty-fourth Exalted Ruler, R. J. Welch, Sr., 1926-1927, had a very successful year.  He was as active following, as during his term, made many Lodge visitations and took in several National Conventions.

During Brother Leonard J. Difani's term as Exalted Ruler, 1927-1928, action was taken to borrow sufficient funds to make repairs and improvements to the clubhouse and to build two handball courts on the Brown property.  The courts were placed in use November 21, 1927. Grand Exalted Ruler Frank Malley made an official visitation to this District with our Lodge acting as host. 

The initiation fee during Brother W. B. Wells' administration as Exalted Ruler, 1928-1929, was reduced from $50 to $25.

"Old Man Depression" dogged the footsteps of our twenty-seventh Exalted Ruler, Brother A. D. White.  His year is recorded as one handled in a very capable manner however, and one ending in a firmer financial position. 

It was during the same year that Brother William F. Holmes served his Mother Lodge, San Bernardino No. 836, as its Exalted Ruler.  Later, Brother Holmes demitted to our Lodge.

Again, the desire for further clubhouse improvements resulted in action being taken during Exalted Ruler C. N. Funk's year, 1930-1931, to borrow not to exceed $15,000 to retire the then existing $9,000 note and to use the balance for such improvements as the Board of Trustees might decide upon.  Subsequent to his term, Brother Funk served as a Trustee for a number of years. 

Brother E. B. Criddle served as District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler, California South, during Brother W. E. Redwine's term of Exalted Ruler, 1931-1932.

It was during Brother O. R. Vanderhoof's year as Exalted Ruler, 1932-1933, that P.E.R. William F. Holmes, of San Bernardino Lodge No. 836, joined our group as Executive Secretary and Manager of the clubhouse.  We were most happy that Brother Holmes continued to be in our midst for a number of years.  Heretofore, Lodge meetings were held twice a month, however, action was taken to meet every Monday.  Grand Exalted Ruler Floyd E. Thompson was entertained at a noonday lunch and meeting in the Mission Inn. 

During Brother Fred L. Hamblin's year as Exalted Ruler, 1933-1934, an Honorary Life Membership was tendered to Brother Kindred in appreciation for his outstanding work as Chairman of the Sick and Visitation Committee.  This year, Brother Funk served as Vice President, California South, California Elks Association.  Brother J. H. Cresmer was installed as Tiler, which office he held for many years, replacing veteran, Brother Joseph Schneider.  Brother Holmes of San Bernardino transferred his membership to our Lodge.

Brother R. J. Asbury served as the thirty-second Exalted Ruler, 1934-1935.  Presentation of 20-year membership Service Pins was inaugurated, as was the holding of monthly bridge parties. Brother Asbury was outstanding in his ritualistic work, which later resulted in many requests for installation of other Lodges' Officers, as well as the rendition of the Flag Day Ritual. 

It was the pleasure of Brother Alex P. Hansen to be Exalted Ruler of the Host Lodge for California South on the occasion of the official visit of Grand Exalted Ruler James T. Hallinan and Grand Secretary James E. Masters.  By special dispensation, Lodge services were held in the beautiful Music Room of the Mission Inn.  Brother Hansen served the Lodge for more than two decades as Trustee. 

It was during Brother Harmon C. Brown's year as Exalted Ruler, 1936-1937 that, the Trustees were successful in reducing the interest on the outstanding note from seven to five percentum. Interesting meetings were held and Brother Roy E. Simser was elected Treasurer.  In grateful acknowledgement of the outstanding contribution having been made and continuing to be made to the life and spirit of our Lodge, an Honorary Life Membership was unanimously voted and presented to our good Managing Secretary, Brother William F. Holmes. 

Brother Leon S. Heseman served as the thirty-fifth Exalted Ruler, 1937-1938, Officers and members assisted in the institution of Needles Lodge No. 1608.  This year saw the inauguration of: presentation of 35-year membership Service Pins, issuance of the monthly publication "Calling All Elks", awarding of jackpot and door prizes, and holding of the annual "New Members Stag Night."  The Lodge enjoyed a net gain of forty-two new members, resulting in a total at the year-end of 300 members.  Brother Asbury served as District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler.  On behalf of the Grand Lodge, Exalted Ruler Edward Hagen, 1938-1939 had the pleasure of presenting Past District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler Asbury with a Certificate of Merit in recognition for outstanding work.  Two 35-year and twelve 20-year Membership Service pins were presented.

Our thirty-seventh Exalted Ruler, Brother A. E. Ganahl, 1939-1940, had the honor of presiding at the dedication services and laying of the cornerstone of the new Riverside United States Post Office building, northeast corner of Ninth and Orange Streets. Brother O. K. Morton inaugurated the annual Poly High School Band public concert in the Lodge room.  This has developed into one of our finest and highly appreciated civic activities.

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