District No. 6240

Secretary's Information


Please welcome the following Newest Members into our Lodge who had their Initiation Ritual on March 7, 2018: 

Jonny Boenning, Scott Cihocki, Philip Prager, and Buck Stockman.

The following Membership Candidates have been Elected are eligible for initiation:

Logan P. Riley, John T. Marolf, Patrick E. Schultz, Troy Beyer, Edward K. Amelio, Brian Wilber, Cody J. Brown.

Reinstatements and Transfer-In:

Joshua Fitzgerald and George Peer transfer from Greenwood Lake, NY #2067.

The following Membership Candidates are moving their way through the Lodges vetting system, and have been read on the floor of the Lodge:

Zachary Irish, Derrell Houppert, and Kyle Koester by Ray Falk, Ryan Piche by Mike Green, Kevin Pelo by Joe Aucter, Alexander Virkler by Anthony Young, and Kurtis Dicob transfer from Carthage Lodge #1762.



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