District No. 6240

Secretary's Information


The following Membership Candidates have been Elected and are eligible for Initiation:

Logan P. Riley, Brian Wilber, Zachary Irish, Derek Houppert, Kyle Koester, Kevin Pelo, Alexander Virkler, and Ryan Piche.

The following Membership Candidates are moving their way through the Lodges vetting system, and have been read on the floor of the Lodge:

Denny Peebles by Ray Falk, Logan Spaulding by Mike Niles, Christopher Peck by Karl Sweredoski, Joseph Griffin by Kurt Munger,  Richard E. Burke by Steve Wallace, and Phillip Sweeney by Chris Zehr.

The next Indoctrination of Membership Candidates:  May 14, 2018, @ 7 pm in the Lodge.

The next Initiation Ritual of Membership Candidates:  May 16, 2018, @ 5 pm in the Lodge.

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