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More Than Free Throws: 2024 Hoop Shoot National Finals Recap
(posted 05/15/2024)

From April 18 to 21, Hoop Shoot National Finalists, their families, and Elks traveled to Chicago for a weekend that was far more than just a free throw contest. Though the National Finalists knew they had to compete against each other on Saturday, that didn’t stop them from making friends and enjoying each other’s company. Read all about the weekend here!

2023-24 Per-Member Giving and Chair Challenge Winners
(posted 05/03/2024)

The 2023-24 fundraising year was another banner year for the Elks National Foundation! Elks across the country raised broke the previous giving record by donating more than $8 million to help build stronger communities. While the National President's per-member-giving goal was $4.80, some Lodges excelled past that goal to take the win as the top per-member-giving Lodges in their state. The Chair Challenge recognizes Lodges for having a broad-based fundraising program, and the top Lodges in the Chair Challenge also deserve a pat on the back. View the winners here!

All Trails Lead to Austin
(posted 05/03/2024)

The 2024 Elks National Convention in Austin is quickly approaching, and the ENF is putting on its cowboy boots and saddling up! Check out the ENF's full schedule to pencil in when you'll see us June 29-July 3.

More Than Memories: The 2024 MVS Leadership Weekend
(posted 04/30/2024)

The Top 20 Most Valuable Student scholars got to experience the community that comes with an Elks scholarship firsthand in April, when they came to Chicago for the 2024 MVS Leadership Weekend. Though they were only together for three days, the Top 20 left Chicago with more than just memories.

2024 Hoop Shoot National Finals Recap
(posted 04/03/2024)

Are you already missing the gentle swish of a successful free throw? The buzzer may have sounded on the 2024 Hoop Shoot National Finals, but we've got results, photos, highlights, trading cards, and more to keep the action going! Click here to view all of this year's content in one place.

Get a CIPer Start
(posted 04/03/2024)

Is your Lodge ready to build stronger communities? Community Investments Program grant applications opened April 1 for the 2024-25 year! Before your Lodge applies for a Gratitude Grant, make sure to wait until the fundraising numbers from the 2023-24 fiscal year are updated in May to ensure your Lodge gets all the bonuses it deserves! Click here for more information.

A Mark on My Heart: Elks Scholars in Philadelphia
(posted 03/19/2024)

From March 7 to 11, eight Elks scholars traveled to Philadelphia for the Spring Elks Scholar Service Trip. The scholars had diverse backgrounds, with some coming from towns of less than a few thousand people and others coming from some of the biggest cities in the country. Though the scholars had very different upbringings, they were able to see the beauty in their differences—while finding plenty of similarities.

Meet the 2024 BackBoard
(posted 02/21/2024)

The Hoop Shoot Alumni Advisory Board, a.k.a. the BackBoard, is welcoming five new members this year. These past Hoop Shoot National Finalists are returning as rebounders and role models, and they're excited to hit the court!

Another CIPtastic Year
(posted 02/05/2024)

Lodges built stronger communities at record numbers through CIP grants this last year. In 2023-24, 85% of Lodges received CIP grants. Take a look at the preliminary year-end numbers to see the Elks' impact here.

Elks Scholar Service Trips: A Commitment to Community
(posted 01/18/2024)

In January, the first Elks Scholar Service Trip of 2024 was held in Phoenix. Led by Elks Scholar Fellow Libby Willkomm, the trip was the embodiment of what it means to be an Elks scholar.

A Raisin to a Sarlacc
(posted 11/07/2023)

What does a massive, 100-meter-long creature from Star Wars have to do with the Elks National Foundation? Read on to learn about changes to the ENF's gift acceptance policy and an exciting new Gratitude Grant bonus!

SAButations to the SAB
(posted 10/26/2023)

We're excited to welcome five new members to the Elks Scholar Advisory Board! These Elks scholars demonstrate the tenets of Elkdom through service to their communities, and they are eager to help bring together the #ElksFamily. Read more about them here!

Class is in Session
(posted 09/07/2023)

Students are back to the books, and ENF scholarship applications are open! Legacy Awards scholarships are available for the children and grandchildren of Elks. Applications are due February 5, but apply early to cross it off your to-do list! Applications for the Gunther & Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship open January 1.

2024 National Finals Registration Open
(posted 09/07/2023)

It's time for the tipoff! Registration for the 2024 Hoop Shoot National Finals is open until April 1. Click here or head to to secure your seats at the 2024 National Finals. Early bird registration is open until February 15 and comes with a free t-shirt, so don't wait to beat the buzzer!

Weigel Winners: Finding the "Why"
(posted 08/16/2023)

Some high school seniors head to college with their major in mind and their life planned out ahead of them, and others hope to find their passion by trying new things. But, all students are looking to find and maintain their “why,” the meaning to their goals. The Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship is for those Elks scholars who found their “why” in pursuing a career in medicine.

Making a Difference in Minneapolis
(posted 07/19/2023)

The Elks National Foundation’s dedication to building stronger communities extends to the host community for the annual Elks National Convention. Read our recap of the ENF at Convention!

Erika Barger: Alum of the Year
(posted 07/01/2023)

Congratulations to the 2023 Elks Scholar Alum of the Year, 2006 Legacy Awards recipient Erika Barger!

Feeling like a Champion
(posted 05/12/2023)

The 2023 Hoop Shoot National Finals crowed six Frank Hise National Champions and two Getty Powell Award winners, but all 72 competitors should go home feeling like a champion. Read our recap for all of the weekend's highlights!

2023 MVS Leadership Weekend: Service-Minded, Elk-Bonded
(posted 05/05/2023)

For the first time since 2019, the Top 20 Most Valuable Student scholars gathered in person to get to know one another, as well as current Elks scholars and alums; interview for the top awards of $50,000, $40,000 and $30,000; and learn about their new #ElksFamily.

2023 Elks National Convention: ENF Schedule
(posted 05/02/2023)

You won't want to miss this! The ENF is headed to the Elks National Convention in Minneapolis, and we're bringing seminars, a supply drive and fun. Check out the full schedule here.

2023 Hoop Shoot National Finals
(posted 04/27/2023)

The buzzer sounded, and the 2023 Hoop Shoot National Finals are over! From serving veterans through Hoop Shoot Assists to the Friday night FunFest to the contest itself, this National Finals was so fun we wish we could do it all over again. While it's not the same as being there, the 2023 Hoop Shoot Highlight Reel certainly comes close!

MVS Scholars Put in the Work
(posted 04/18/2023)

For the first time since 2019, the Top 20 MVS scholars came to the Windy City for an in-person Leadership Weekend, where they interviewed for the top awards and got to know their #ElksFamily. We are proud to announce the top winners: Diya Jha, sponsored by Frederick, Md., Lodge No. 684, and Agam Igwe, sponsored by Towson, Md., Lodge No. 469.

Meet the 2023 BackBoard
(posted 04/12/2023)

Comprised of Hoop Shoot alums, the 11-member BackBoard will be in Chicago for the 2023 Hoop Shoot National Finals to serve as rebounders on the big day and to provide moral support to the competitors throughout the rest of the weekend. Meet these Hoop Shoot all-stars here!

End of Year Housekeeping
(posted 04/06/2023)

The 2022-23 fiscal year is closed, and what a year it’s been! 2021-22 was a record-breaking year for the Elks National Foundation, but the preliminary numbers for 2022-23 are even better. Check out this story for information about finalizing the year's numbers, applying for CIP grants, and a sneak peek at 2023-24!

Elks Hoop Shoot Hall of Fame
(posted 03/28/2023)

Join us in celebrating the competitors and contributors who contributed to the history of the Hoop Shoot as we welcome nine new members into the Elks Hoop Shoot Hall of Fame.