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“I didn't know what I was going to do.”
(posted 08/07/2019)

Jesse thought he'd endured his darkest moments while serving in the Navy, but tragedy struck again years later. Read Jesse's story here.

2019 Elks National Convention Recap
(posted 08/06/2019)

Check out everything that happened with the Elks National Foundation at the 2019 Elks National Convention here!

2020 Most Valuable Student Scholarship Application is Open!
(posted 08/05/2019)

Encourage high school seniors who are U.S. citizens to apply for a chance to win up to $50,000 toward their college education. The deadline to apply is November 5. Click here to learn more.

Donor Event Hits Grand Slam
(posted 07/18/2019)

The Elks National Foundation's Annual Donor Event hit a grand slam at Busch Stadium. Read more about it, and how you can attend next year's event in Baltimore, here.

Center Stage in St. Louis
(posted 07/18/2019)

The 2019 Elks National Convention was the stage, and the Elks National Foundation put on a show. Read all about the ENF's Convention weekend here.

Spotlight Grant Drive Raffle Winners Announced!
(posted 07/17/2019)

We asked Convention attendees to bring a pack of new socks for veterans in need or a new or gently used children’s book to promote literacy. Lodges were entered into a raffle to double the value of its Spotlight Grant to $4,000. We ended up with more than 900 entries by Elks and guests who donated thousands of new socks for veterans and hundreds of books for children in the area.

Spotlight Grant Drive: Staff Picks
(posted 06/03/2019)

Not sure what to donate to the ENF's Spotlight Grant Drive at Convention from June 29-July 2? The ENF staff has you covered.

Spotlight Grant Drive at Convention
(posted 05/29/2019)

Want to double your Lodge's Spotlight Grant? Click here to learn more.

Elks National Foundation 2019 Convention Schedule
(posted 05/24/2019)

The Elks National Foundation has exciting events and presentations planned for you. Here are some highlights:

Same, But Different
(posted 04/22/2019)

In its sixth year, the Most Valuable Student scholarship's Leadership Weekend brought Top Finalists from across the nation to compete for a scholarship of up to $50,000. Learn more about the weekend, including who went home with the top awards, here.

Son of a Preacher Man
(posted 03/14/2019)

Stephen Barker was raised to give back when he could, choosing the ENF when he reached that point. He took it a step further by joining the John F. Malley Society. Read his story here.

"The wake-up call hit."
(posted 02/27/2019)

Nicole returned from Operation Iraqi Freedom as a young adult who hadn't found her place in the world yet. Read her journey in finding her truth here.

"I felt like I was failing."
(posted 02/20/2019)

When Yvette found herself experiencing homelessness, living in a hotel with her two children, she turned to the Elks for emergency assistance. Read her story here.

"I wasn't supposed to be here."
(posted 02/13/2019)

Mike served in the Air Force for two years before returning home. Years later, he suffered a traumatic brain injury, forcing him to start over. Read how the Elks helped set him up in his new home on "The Long Road Back."

"I'm far from home."
(posted 02/06/2019)

Daniel is a Marine veteran and single father who works 60 hours a week to support his six kids. Setbacks led to him and his family living on a beach in California until HUD-VASH helped Daniel find permanent housing, and the Elks helped him keep it. Read Daniel's story here.

“The future looks bright again.”
(posted 01/29/2019)

Nick is a Marine veteran who turned to the Elks when he found the utility bills stacking up and uncertainty building as to how he would come up with nearly $800. The emergency assistance came at the right moment. Read Nick's story here.

"I'm really, really happy."
(posted 01/23/2019)

For the first time in his life, Lionel, an Army veteran, feels like he's found someone who's concerned about him and who wants to do whatever can be done to help him. That person, or people, are Elks. Read the rest of Lionel's story here.

"All I needed was a month."
(posted 01/16/2019)

Three decades after serving six years in the Army, Felicia was out of a job she'd held for years. Eviction from her apartment was imminent. Luckily, she applied for and received emergency assistance from the Elks, which she says saved her life. Read Felicia's story here.

Where'd You Get That Pin?
(posted 01/10/2019)

For Cody Weikel, the next step after joining Bluffton, Ind., Lodge No. 796 was joining the ENF Fidelity Club. Read more to learn why.

"I could live again."
(posted 01/09/2019)

Rose is the mother of twin daughters, an entrepreneur, and a Marine Corps veteran. When she found herself behind on rent, unable to pay the bills and put food on the table, she turned to the Elks for assistance, and they answered the call. Read Rose's story here.

"People are that kind?"
(posted 01/09/2019)

Phil, a former airman in the U.S. Air Force, is the first of those veterans. His family was facing eviction right around the holidays, but the Elks didn't let that happen. Read Phil's story here.

New Spotlight Grant!
(posted 01/08/2019)

Starting in 2019-20, the CIP is debuting its newest grant offering, the Spotlight Grant! Learn more about this incredible opportunity for Lodges and Elks communities here.

Watch this video highlighting one of the first Spotlight Grant projects out of Hyannis, Mass., Lodge No. 1549.

Be the Spark
(posted 12/28/2018)

The Elks pledged to help end veteran homelessness. Be the Spark is a series featuring veterans who’ve received support through the Emergency Assistance Fund. To learn more, click here.

CIP Grants: Opened Doors [to Oshkosh]
(posted 12/21/2018)

Oshkosh, Wis., Lodge No. 292 is a picture-perfect example of what the Elks National Foundation envisioned when it created the Community Investments Program. Watch CIP Grants: Opened Doors to Oshkosh to learn way.

(posted 12/17/2018)

As we gear up for the holidays, members of the ENF staff wanted to share their favorite stories from 2018. Check them out!

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