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Advisory Grand Lodge Advisory Committee roster & info.
All American Download an application form for Contest A from the Grand Lodge Activities committee.
Annual Report Learn how to submit your Annual Membershp Report through CLMS.
Assistant Submit information about your lodge to a "Virtual Home Page" where it can be seen by anyone with access to the Internet.
Auditing & Accounting The Grand Lodge Auditing & Accounting committee roster and info.
Background Need background information? Learn more about the Order.
Charity Book Secretaries: submit your charitable data online.
Clip Art Download Elks clip art for use in your lodge newsletters and correspondence.
Committees Get information about the members and activities of the various Grand Lodge Committees.
Community Learn how the Elks National Foundation is helping Elks Lodges build stronger communities.
Contact Contact Grand Lodge via email.
Convention Get the latest news about the Grand Lodge Convention.
ddger Access the District Deputy area of the Elks.org web site. (District Deputies only!)
Directory Get addresses, telephone and FAX numbers for Grand Lodge employees.
Donate Make a donation to the Elks National Foundation.
Drugs Get the latest news from the Elks National Drug Education program, and download free drug education literature.
Email Subscribe to email versions of the Grand Lodge Newsletter and the Elks Government Relations Report.
Emergency Learn about the Elks National Foundation's scholarship program for children of deceased or totally disabled Elks.
ENF Get the latest news from the Elks National Foundation.
ENF Logo Download the ENF logo for use in your newsletter, website, or other publications.
ENF Manual Download the ENF Chairman manual in Adobe PDF format.
Essay Check out information about the Americanism Committee's essay contest for students.
Events Looking for something to do? Search our database of upcoming events.
Facilities Search local lodge RV facilites before your next roadtrip.
Foundation Learn about the Elks National Foundation and all of the programs sponsored by the Elks.
Fraternal News Check out the Elks Magazine fraternal news guidelines. (PDF format)
GER Learn all about the Grand Exalted Ruler, including his schedule of upcoming appearances.
GER Message Find the the GER's monthly message and other articles for interest for your newsletter.
GL Newsletter Check past issues of the Grand Lodge Newsletter.
GLD The online version of the Grand Lodge Directory.
Government Check out back issues of the Elks Government Relations Report.
Government Relations The Grand Lodge Government Relations Committee roster and info.
Grand Forum Grand Forum roster & info.
Grand Lodge Visit the Grand Lodge Resource center for information about Grand Lodge Committees, Officers, and lots more.
Grand Trustees Grand Trustees Roster & Info.
Guidelines Check out the Elks Magazine publication guidelines. (PDF Format)
History Learn about the history of BPOE through the Elks History Project.
HOF Search the ENF’s online tribute to the Foundation’s exceptionally generous donors.
Home Get the latest news from the Elks National Home in Bedford, VA.
Hoop Shoot Get the latest news about the Elks National "Hoop Shoot" program.
Hope The GER has activated the Elks Army of Hope.
Judiciary Judiciary committee roster & info.
Keyword Get a list of keywords to navigate the Elks.Org web site.
LASAC Visit the Lodge Activities/State Association Committee website for information about Grand Lodge contests.
Legacy Learn about the Legacy Award scholarships for the children of Elks.
Lodge Activities Grand Lodge Lodge Activitites roster and info.
Magazine Read the Table of Contents from the current issue (and archives!) of the Elks Magazine. Members can now access an online version.
mb Visit with other Members on our Elks-only message board.
Membership Get information about how to become a member of the Elks.
Membership Cards Order new membership cards. (Secys only.)
Membership Committee The Grand Lodge Membership Committee rosters and info
Moving Moving? Notify the Elks Magazine about your new address.
MVS Learn about the Elks "Most Valuable Student" Scholarship Award, and download an application.
MVS Portal If you're an MVS Lodge, District, State, or National Judge, visit the MVS Judging Portal to submit your evaluations.
Newsletter Download articles for use in your local, district, or state newsletter.
November Report Learn how to submit your semi-annual (November) membership report through CLMS.
Officers Get addresses and phone numbers for Grand Lodge Officers.
Pardon Commission Grand Lodge Pardon Commission roster & info.
Password Update your Elks.Org password to something that's easier to remember.
Profile Update your personal profile with information to display to other online members.
Projects Learn about the State Major Projects sponsored by the Elks National Foundation.
Promise Learn about the ENF-funded Promise Grants.
Promise Grants Learn about the Elks National Foundation's "Promise Grants" for local lodges.
Public Relations Grand Lodge Public Relations Committee roster and info.
Register Register for access to our Members Only areas. You'll receive your user name and password via email.
reinstatement Membership lapsed? Find our how to become reinstated.
Reminder Forget your password? You can reset it to something easier to remember.
Rental Insurance When renting your hall, fraternal property, or facilities and any type of alcohol is being sold, served, given away, or consumed during such rental, you are REQUIRED to purchase Hall Rental Coverage. Learn more online!
Reports Access Grand Lodge Annual Membership and Charitable Reports.
Reset If you've forgotten your password but still have the same email address, we can email you instructions to reset your password.
ritualistic Grand Lodge Ritualistic Committee roster and info.
RV Find a list of lodges that offer overnight RV hookup facilities or RV parking.
Scholarship Learn about the Elks National Foundation's scholarship opportunities, download applications, view lists of previous winners, read their comments, and more!
Search Search our lodge directory by lodge name, lodge number, district number, state or zip code.
secy Access the Lodge Secretaries Resource Area. (Elks.org - registered secys only)
Services Look through our directory of licensed vendors for products that interest Elks.org membership.
Shopping Purchase items from a variety of brand-name and licensed vendors, and earn money for the Elks with each order.
Standings Find out where your lodge ranks in Per-capita contributions to the Elks National Foundation.
State Associations Visit State Associations on the web.
Supplies Order lodge supplies from the Grand Lodge shipping department. (Secretaries only.)
Upload Articles for other lodges to use in their newsletters.
Vendors Visit our Marketplace page for Elks-related products from licensed vendors and software distributors.
Veterans Learn about the latest new programs from the Elks National Veterans Service Commission.
VHP Create a "Virtual Home Page" (VHP) for your lodge where you can post upcoming lodge events, lodge news, lodge facilities, and more.
Visa Apply online for our low APR Elks Visa Card. With every purchase you'll be supporting the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.
webmaster Contact the Webmaster via email.
Winners Find out what the Elks have meant to the MVS scholarship winners.