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150 for 150: Side-by-Side Service

150 for 150: Side-by-Side Service

Elks scholars share their experience attending the Elks Scholars Service and Celebration, which marked the Elks' 150th anniversary during the National Convention in San Antonio. (Runtime: 1 min., 00 sec.)

The Jolly Corks

The Jolly Corks

On the occasion of the Elks 150th Anniversary, members of the "Jolly Corks" relate highlights from the organization's long history.

2018 Freedom Grant Webinar

2018 Freedom Grant Webinar

Applying for a Freedom Grant? Watch this quick video for last-minute tips on how to design a good project and make your application stand out!

150th Anniversary

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Community Investments

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Elks History Project

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State Projects

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Elks National Foundation

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Hoop Shoot

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Veterans Services

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