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2019 Most Valuable Student Scholarship Leadership Weekend

2019 Most Valuable Student Scholarship Leadership Weekend

The Top Finalists from the 2019 Most Valuable Student scholarship class have overcome different adversities that shaped who they are today–Elks scholars. During the sixth annual Leadership Weekend, they bonded through their diversity and shared their ambitious goals for the future. These students are going to change the world, and they're going to do it as members of the #ElksFamily. This film shows why. (Runtime: 5 mins., 57 secs.)

Serve in Their Name

Serve in Their Name

The Elks help scholars attend college; the scholars return the favor by giving back to communities across the nation. It's that simple! #ElksFamily (Runtime: 33 secs.)

2019 Spring Service Trip–Portland, Oregon

2019 Spring Service Trip–Portland, Oregon

Elks scholars and alumni headed west for the 2019 Spring Elks Scholar Service Trip! While they were there, they volunteered at nonprofits, met Elks, and found a new meaning to #ElksFamily. (Runtime: 2 mins., 50 secs.)

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