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Teens & Parents Meet Addiction Survivors

Teens & Parents Meet Addiction Survivors

ELKS Drug Awareness Program (DAP), the nation’s largest all-volunteer drug education group, has partnered with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to launch a national anti-drug educational video "Teens React To Conversations With Survivors of Addiction", to spotlight the effects of drugs on teenagers. The video premiered today on FBE, a multi-platform digital studio that serves over 34 million subscribers. with additional content running on their Twitter and Facebook pages using hashtag #ElksDAP and #DEA.

The Family Religion

The Family Religion

It's #TrueGritTuesday! In the second video of this year's Griteo film series, 2019 Hoop Shoot National Finalist Wayne Bower and his dad, Jacob, a 1997 Hoop Shoot National Champion, share how Wayne is carrying on his family's tradition as a #HoopShoot participant. Check it out! (Runtime: 2 mins., 50 sec.)

Midday Minute: Episode 10

Midday Minute: Episode 10

Watch to see which Lodges will receive a new Impact Grant to build stronger communities in 2020. Tune into the Midday podcast ( on Friday evening to learn which Lodges will receive renewal funding. Today's Minute brings us to Jim's office as it transforms to a studio for this very special episode. (Runtime: 11 mins., 24 secs.)

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