Playing Cards for Veterans

For many veterans in hospitals, VA homes, nursing homes and care centers, time can move slowly between visits from family and friends. Veterans are often looking for ways to stay engaged and upbeat. Playing cards can offer an engaging and social activity to fill spare time.

Playing cards are intended to be used for charitable purposes, and to be used by veterans and military members in need. They may not be used for Lodge events, for personal use or for sale.

This is a volunteer-run program! Playing Cards for Veterans Chair Becky Bauman procures donated cards to give to veterans. She and other members of Mount Vernon, Ill,, Lodge No. 819 spend hours sorting the donated cards into full decks and rubber banding them together before mailing them out.

Please be aware that due to the increased demand from moving the order form online, some cards will arrive rubber-banded together instead of in boxes. This is a temporary measure until we can secure enough boxes for all card orders. Please be patient and considerate.

We encourage volunteers who live near casinos to seek out donations of playing cards for use locally. If you're unable to do so, you may order cards using our online order form.

If you have any further questions about this program, please contact the ENVSC office in Chicago.