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Teamwork Builds a Home

Elks are always on the lookout for other service-minded people to build stronger communities. The Epsilon Sigma Alpha (ESA) organization certainly fits that bill!

Epsilon Sigma Alpha is an international service and leadership organization focused on volunteering and friendship, open to adults of all ages.

Locally, ESA members have been partnering with Elks in Minnesota, Texas, and Kansas to provide Welcome Home Kits for veterans exiting homelessness. It's been going so well that ESA and the Elks are looking to expand their work together to other states!

Earlier this month, Kentucky State Veterans Chair Martin Harbolt was invited to present at the ESA National Convention in Louisville. Harbolt was happy to oblige, sharing information about the history of the Welcome Home program, the Elks organization, and our dedication to serving veterans.

With ESA members from every state in attendance, the Elks message of service to veterans was certainly spread far and wide!

Harbolt also made sure to show ESA members how they could find and contact the Lodge nearest them, so they could partner with local Elks on the Welcome Home Kit program and other projects.

Little did he know that after the presentation, ESA had a truckload of donations in-store for him. ESA members from all over the country had collected supplies and brought them to the convention to present to the Elks! Harbolt was floored by the number of donations provided.

β€œIt’s a good thing I drive a pick-up truck because they loaded my truck bed, back seat, and passenger seat with items the veterans will need!” Harbolt shares. "They also donated thousands in gift cards. I was extremely humbled by the donations.”

In return, he talked a few ESA members through the process of becoming Elks, further cementing a partnership that will thrive for years to come.

If your Lodge is interested in learning more about partnering with ESA, please contact We're happy to help your Lodge connect with local ESA members interesting in working together.


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