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Supporting Rural Veterans

If you're a Voluntary Service Representative at an outpatient clinic or you want to help veterans living in rural areas, you may be wondering what you can do. Here are a few possibilities to get you started.

  • Ask your contact at the clinic what items or services are needed most. Each clinic may have different needs.
  • Provide coffee, bottled water, and snacks for the waiting room. Sugar-free items or healthy options may be required by the clinic.
  • Ask DAV drivers (and other shuttle drivers) what veterans need on the way to the clinic. A snack or other services could help make a long ride more comfortable.
  • Provide gas gift cards for veterans who are driving to the clinic.
  • Cover the cost of magazine subscriptions, deliver donated books, or provide other reading material for the waiting room.
  • Bring decks of cards, fidget spinners, stress balls, puzzle toys, or other things to do for patients in the waiting room.
  • Set up phone charging stations for veterans to use while they wait.
  • Host a barbeque or other event to help make veterans aware of the clinic and the services it offers.
  • Distribute gloves from the Leather Program to veterans who use wheelchairs.
  • Set up a suggestion box near the coffee area to find out what requests the veterans have.
  • Stay in contact with local VSOs (Veteran Service Officers) so you can remain aware of the needs of local veterans.

For more information, visit the VA Office of Rural Health at


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