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The Department of Veterans Affairs works to address all the needs that veterans have, offering veterans the chance to express themselves through art, improve their health through sports, learn new skills and socialize with other veterans.

Read about some of these programs that exist with the help of the Elks National Veterans Service Commission!

Winter Sports Clinic Held in Snowmass, Colorado, the National Veterans Winter Sports Clinic serves more than 350 veterans with disabilities each year by offering sports like skiing, snowmobiling, sled hockey, fencing, volleyball and more. This clinic helps veterans with disabilities realize their full potential, which can aid recovery by improving physical and mental health, and self-esteem. Learn more.

A multi-sports competition for veterans with physical disabilities, the National Veterans Wheelchair Games lets veterans show off their skills, improve health and build camaraderie. The event offers opportunities for healthy competition as well as learning new sports. Learn more. Wheelchair Games

Golden Age Games Through the National Golden Age Games, senior veterans participate and compete in adaptive sports aimed at improving health and increasing quality of life. It includes multiple options for sports and includes veterans of all abilities. Learn more.

Veterans can express themselves through art, creative writing, acting, music and more at the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival. The annual competition recognizes the progress toward recovery and offers a chance for veterans to display their talents. Learn more. Creative Arts Festival

Summer Sports Clinic The National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic offers adventure sports and recreational activities such as sailing, surfing, kayaking and cycling to recently injured veterans. Designed to be paired with therapy, this week-long event allows veterans to improve their health and overcome obstacles. Learn more.

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