District No. 8120

Lodge Officers

Lodge Officers & Committee Chairmen

Exalted Ruler

Jeff Robert

Esteemed Leading Knight

Mary Atzert
Email: leadingknight@skelks.com

Esteemed Loyal Knight

Linda Soderberg
Email: loyalknight@skelks.com

Esteemed Lecturing Knight

Marilee Collins
Email: lecturingknight@skelks.com


John Carpinelli, PER, PDD
Email: secretary@skelks.com


Liz Kosiarek
Email: treasurer@skelks.com


John Foreman IV, PER
Email: esquire@skelks.com

Inner Guard

Walter Campbell
Email: innerguard@skelks.com


David Hill Spears
Email: tiler@skelks.com


Shirley Gallagher
Email: chaplain@skelks.com

Five Year Trustee

Jeffrey Dodge
Email: 5year@skelks.com

Four Year Trustee

Karl Wahlberg
Email: 4year@skelks.com

Three Year Trustee

Richard Calitri
Email: 3year@skelks.com

Two Year Trustee

Bob Carpinelli, PER, PDD, PSP
Email: 2year@skelks.com

One Year Trustee

Donna Williams
Email: 1year@skelks.com

House Committee Co-Chairperson

Billy Harney
Email: housecommittee@skelks.com

House Committee Co-Chairperson

Jim Main
Email: housecommittee@skelks.com

Banquet Rentals Committee

Lisa Weeks
Home: 401-932-0616
Office: 401-789-5400 ext 804
Email: banquetrentals@skelks.com

Auditing and Accounting Committee

Nancy Steinmeyer

Public Relations

Amanda O'Hara

Activiyies Committee

Fred Pearce

Community Projects

Robin Foreman

Youth Activities

Margret Healy

Hoop Shoot

Joe Kosiarek

Drug Awareness

Mike McCabe

Childrens Christmas Committee

Dennis Bernier

Fraternal Committee

Robert Carpinelli, PER, PDD, PSP

Americanism Committee

Stephanie Brearley

ENF Committee

Robert Carpinelli, PER,PDD, PSP

Flag Day

Mary Atzert

Elks Memorial Day

Mary Atzert


James McClarnon

Veterans Service

Edmund Dwyer, PER

Accident Prevention

Richard Calitri

PER Association President

Jeffery Robert, PER

Ritualiistic Committee

Joe Patrick

Soccer Shoot

Dennis Bernier

Government Relations

Ella Whaley

State Major Projects

John Foreman IV, PER

Steak Fry Committee

Jim Main

By-Laws Committee

John Foreman IV, PER


John Carpinelli, PER, PDD


Tom Steinmeyer

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