Rhode Island State Elks Association

On behalf of Rhode Island State Elks Association, President Timothy Chilinski and Officers, welcome you to Rhode State Elks Association Virtual Home Page.

Rhode Island is a great place to vacation. We have a beautiful coast line, beaches, and many historical sites. If you are in RI, be sure to stop in at one of our Lodges and say "Hello"!

Rhode Island State Elks Association Past Presidents

1936-1937 Edward H.Powell*

1937-1938 George A. Dolan*

1938-1939 Thonas C. Mee*

1939-1940 John H. Green, Jr.*

1940-1941 Edward J. Bigoness*

1941-1942 Ambrose H. Lynch*

1942-1943 Alfred H. Chapman

1943-1945 John C. Buckly*

1945-1946 Thonas E. Harding*

1946-1947 Anthony F. Lawrence*

1947-1948 Howard L. Goodwin*

1948-1949 Richard J. Butler*

1949-1950 James J. Duffy*

1950-1951 John J. Lynch*

1951-1952 Joseph M. Mattias*

1052-1953 Thonas Page*

1953-1954 David Fitzgerald*

1954-1955 Fred Quattromani*

1955-1956 John W. Moakler*

1956- Richard A. Moran**

1956-1957 Dr. Edward C. Morin*

1957-1958 Honorable James W. Leighton*

1958-1959 Edouard Decelles*

1959-1960 Edward L. McWilliams

1960-1961 Marshall S. Yemma*

1961-1962 Alfred Hallock*

1962-1963 Merton B. Lewis*

1963-1964 Clifton W. Higham*

1964-1965 Francis C. Gardner*

1965-1966 Frank Muzzerall*

1966-1967 Francis W. Day*

1967-1968 John F. Kirkconnell*

1968-1969 Alfred Shaw*

1969-1970 Lewis G. Berstecher*

1970-1971 Robert Sherman+

1971-1972 Bernard Schiffman*

1972-1973 Howard J. Surber*

1973-1974 Ovide Brindamour*

1974-1975 Frank Suffoletto*

1975-1976 Angelo Lombardo*

1976-1977 Anthony D. Moretti*

1977-1978 William McAllister*

1978-1979 Antonio Cabral*

1979-1980 Reggie Sassi

1980-1981 Raymond P Woodcock

1981-1982 Ruolph N Pistacchio*

1982-1983 Richard A Bugbee

1983-1984 Donald C Rogers

1984-1985 Lewis A Andres*

1985-1986 Walter D Kettelle

1986-1987 Ernest Faiola

1987-1988 Joseph H A St Jean

1989-1990 Peter A Kellerman

1991-1992 Daniel C Watson

1993-1994 John Cunningham

1995-1996 John C Perkins

1997-1998 Francis E Downs

!998-1999 John Lamantia

1999-2000 Luigi Caranci

2000-2001 George R Benoit

2001-2002 Robert E Carpinelli

2002-2003 John F Kirkconnell

2003-2004 Walter P Amryan

2004-2005 Robert Blais

2005-2006 William T. Johnson

2006-2007 Paul L. Imbruglia

2007-2008 Douglas Gilleo

2008-2009 Michael Kane Sr.

2009-2010 Tim Chilinski

2010-2011 Louis Provost

*Deceased **Dead in Office +No Longer a member

External Web Site: www.rielks.org

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