South Kingstown, RI 1899

South Kingstown, RI Lodge News

Thanks from the Community-Some Quotes from HoMRAP Recipients

 Lois, South Kingstown:  "I am elderly and on a fixed income and them (Elks) volunteering their time to do this for me, was so nice.  I want to say THANK YOU to them and tell others that they are using their  time to enhance others lives without giving them a bill.  I do appreciate their efforts and am very proud there are such wonderful men in our midst."


 Carol, Narragansett:  "You will never know how much you helped me.  Not only the yard but my faith in others."


 Gloria, South Kingstown:  "It is with a sincere heart I thank you for your help.  My new wrought iron rails you installed will keep me safe. Your concern for citizens like me is very touching."  


 Rosanne, South Kingstown:   "Your organization provides this service to those of us who just need that little extra help is a wonderful thing."


Joyce, Narragansett: "Thanks so much for doing the ramp for my husband.  It is so appreciated.  The volunteers were wonderful to donate their time for such a good thing for people."


Joan, Narragansett:  "The Elks have done it again!  They have put a huge smile on my face and made me one of the happiest older woman in Narragansett!"