Las Vegas, NM 408

Lodge #408 Veterans Service Commission

A Toast to our Veterans

On the 11th month,
The 11th hour of the 11th day
The Elks honor our Veterans
Who have been in harms way
They fought many battles
In both World Wars
In the air, on the seas
and defending the shores
In Korea, Viet Nam and
Desert Storm too
They did it for me
And they did it for you
They fought for our freedom
They fought for our pride
Many returned but
some of them died
They answered the call
And don't boast or brag,
All they ask in return is that
We salute our flag
They don their uniforms
And march in parades
To remind us all
When memory fades
Some gave their lives
And for that we are sad
But they gave us our freedom
And for that we are glad
So please raise your hands
for this special toast,
To our American Veterans
Whom we owe the most
To Our Veterans

Written by Jerry and Carol McCorkle
Clawson-Troy Elks Lodge #2169


The Las Vegas Elks Lodge Veterans Committee awarded a $250 Scholarship to a child of a Veteran. Eliana Herrera from Robertson High School was awarded the scholarship her father served in the Gulf War and is in the National Guard.

Pictured Veterans Scholarship Chair Diane Garcia and Eliana Herrera