Patricia Millinghausen
Mount Holly, N.J., Lodge No. 848

The Jersey Score

New Jersey—featuring sandy beaches, rugged hills, lush pine forests, and a tight race in the ENF Chair Challenge. Vying for the first place spot in the state this year is Patricia Millinghausen, ENF Chair of Mount Lodge, N.J., Lodge No. 848.

Full Circle

To actively involve Lodge members and gain points in the Chair Challenge, Millinghausen encourages ENF donations from new donors, lapsed donors and loyal ENF supporters. Her hard work has paid off so far. The Lodge’s current per-capita is $9.442—more than twice the goal for the 2013-14 fiscal year.

While Millinghausen has Lodge members to thank for her success in the Chair Challenge this year, she has the Chair Challenge to thank for learning more about the ENF. After signing on as Lodge ENF Chair in 2012-13, Millinghausen learned how the ENF gives back through ENF programs, specifically the Community Investments Program.

“I learned about the different ENF grants and how we can use them,” says Millinghausen. “The most rewarding part of my job as ENF Chair is educating members on what their donations are accomplishing in the community.”

A New Approach

As part of her role as ENF Chair, Millinghausen ensures new members are connected by showing the ENF video at orientation and handing out ENF brochures. To keep members excited about the ENF throughout the year, Millinghausen promotes the ENF by writing articles for the Lodge’s newsletter and recognizing donors when they achieve giving milestones.

“I find that promoting the ENF to members makes them feel included,” explains Millinghausen. “It also helps them understand why they are giving to the ENF.”

Thanks to Millinghausen’s encouragement, the Lodge has already met many of its goals for this fiscal year.

“I’m very proud we’ve met our goals,” says Millinghausen, “and we’ll continue to strive toward higher goals each year.”

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