Fidelity Club Month
ENF Board Chair Jim McQuillan and Past National President Lou Sulsberger enjoy the ENF Donor Event.

August is Fidelity Club Month at the ENF: a special time to highlight the ENF's monthly giving program and its members. Fidelity Club members give an automated, regularly scheduled gift of $5 or more through their checking account or credit card. Through their committed giving, Fidelity Club donors help sustain and grow ENF programs month after month and year after year!

Celebrate Fidelity Club Month with us by tuning in for Fidelity Fridays! Every Friday this month, we’ll be posting short videos featuring Fidelity Club members on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts. Hear from Fidelity Club members themselves in these short but sweet videos that are sure to inspire!

What are the perks of being a Fidelity Club member?

An automatic gift comes with the convenience of a one-time set-up with no need to mail a check or search for a stamp, and ENF staff are just a quick phone call or email away if changes need to be made to a sustaining donation. For some donors, giving a smaller amount each month that still adds up to a large impact is preferred over donating a larger amount at once. Additionally, Fidelity Club members can help their Lodge reach a $500 Gratitude Grant Bonus.

Fidelity Club members also receive special recognition pieces: a sticker for their Elks membership card, a pin, and pin attachments for reaching giving milestones. Fidelity Club members’ names also appear on their own Honor Roll on our website.

Join the party by becoming a Fidelity Club member yourself! Enroll online or call us at 773/755-4764 to become a sustaining donor today.

Deborah and Brent Reedy

Cullen Downing

Past National President and First Lady, Jim and Mary Carolyn Nichelson

Lynn Rutherford-Snow

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