ENF Film Fest

Grab some popcorn. It's time for an ENF film fest! This page has digital versions of the six films found on the ENF Film Fest DVD your Lodge received in early November 2014. Looking for more films to screen in your Lodge or Community? Visit the ENF YouTube Channel. After viewing these films, become a film critic! Click here to take five minutes and let us know what you think. We appreciate your feedback!

Midday with the ENF

The ENF’s first Midday talk show, filmed before a studio audience at the 2014 Elks National Convention in New Orleans. Hosted by ENF Director Jim O’Kelley and his sidekick, Assistant Director Debbie Doles, this 48-minute show features jokes, Elks scholars, singing and dancing. Show this at a Lodge meeting to get members excited about engaging Elks scholars. (Run time: 48:05) If you liked this, you'll love our Midday podcast, produced monthly. Tune in!


Learn what can happen when we take the time to engage our scholarship recipients and show them what it means to be an Elk. Screen this to show Lodge members why engaging Elks scholars today can result in more Elks members in the future. (Run time: 03:56)


What happens when you fly 20 scholars to Chicago, give them a place to congregate, throw in some games, teach them about the Elks, and engage in service at a veterans’ hospital? A weekend that none of us will ever forget. Show this to Lodge members to highlight the beginning of the Elks scholar journey—the Most Valuable Student Leadership Weekend. (Run time: 08:04)

After viewing, watch 2014 top MVS scholarship winners Autumn Pack and Eric Kim address the delegates during the 2014 Elks National Convention in New Orleans.

Elks Hoop Shoot National Finals

This recap of the 2014 Elks Hoop Shoot National Finals follows four National Finalists through the weekend in Springfield, Massachusetts. Show this to members of your Lodge and community to promote the Hoop Shoot. (Run time: 06:54) If you liked this, you'll love our Hoop Shoot stories found here.

PSAs: ENF Scholarships and Elks Hoop Shoot

Share these two 60-second spots with local TV stations in the fall and screen them at community events to promote ENF college scholarships and the Elks Hoop Shoot to possible program participants. (Run time: 0:60 each)

ENF Scholarships

Elks Hoop Shoot

"I have just watched the new DVD for the second time today. These are without a doubt the most engaging and professionally done videos ever produced to promote the spirit and heart of Elkdom! I am very thankful to have this to aid in the growth in the participation of both contestants and workers in the Hoop Shoot and scholarship programs. Kudos for a job well done!"
-Eddie Hyde, ER, Tri-County, Ky., Lodge No. 2826

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