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The Future Looks Like Emily Sanchez

The Future Looks Like Emily Sanchez

When Emily signed up for a forensics course, she thought she'd be studying criminal science. Instead, she had joined a speech and debate class. Today, as the speech and debate team captain, Emily says it's the best mistake she ever made. #TheFutureLooksLike being open to the possibilities! Enjoy the tenth installment of the series. (Runtime: 2 mins., 29 secs.)

The Future Looks Like Ann Raymer

The Future Looks Like Ann Raymer

Inspired by the legacy of her grandmother and mother, Ann dedicates herself to serving others and influencing their lives in a positive way. Her commitment to service instilled in her the values of education and connection. #TheFutureLooksLike making a difference in every life you touch. Enjoy the twelfth installment of the series! (Runtime: 2 mins., 15 secs.)

The Future Looks Like Brock Elbert

The Future Looks Like Brock Elbert

Brock has been intrigued by the puzzles of genetics since seventh grade. One day, he hopes to combine his interest in genetics love for service to research diseases. #TheFutureLooksLike using your passions to help others! Enjoy the ninth installment of the series. (Runtime: 1 mins., 24 sec.)

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