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Hoop Shooting the Breeze Season 2: Episode 2

Hoop Shooting the Breeze Season 2: Episode 2

Faith Sjoberg was a three-peat #HoopShoot National Finalist—she made it to the final round of the competition in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Though she never won a championship (only making it to the podium once, in 2017, in third place), Faith never gave up because she knew she could succeed if she persevered. That's grit, and Faith learned that and the power of hard work through the Hoop Shoot. She carries those lessons off the court, too.

Elks Hoop Shoot 50th Anniversary Sizzle Reel

Elks Hoop Shoot 50th Anniversary Sizzle Reel

In celebration of the 50th season as a national program, the #HoopShoot is highlighting some of the most notable National Finalists and Frank Hise Champions. In the first installment of the Elks Hoop Shoot 50th Anniversary Sizzle Reel, we look back at some of Hoop Shoot’s best! Comment below to tell us who you’d like to see in the second film. The Elks intend to deliver a gold-medal National Finals for a golden anniversary. On April 30, 2022, 72 National Finalists will toe the line at Wintrust Arena, a new state-of-the-art, 10,000-seat facility in downtown Chicago that’s home to the WNBA’s Chicago Sky and DePaul University’s Blue Demons. The 2022 Finalists will step up to the same line as some of basketball’s best. Clips: NBA KTUU Missouri Valley Conference WNBA Oklahoma Women’s Basketball Boston College Athletics PAC 12 Production, Editing, Motion Graphics: Kirby Productions (Runtime: 2 mins., 6 secs.) #HoopShoot #HoopShoot50

Hoop Shooting the Breeze Season 2: Episode 1

Hoop Shooting the Breeze Season 2: Episode 1

Hoop Shooting the Breeze is back! In the first episode of season two, host Makenna Cannon sits down with Bart Powell, a longtime friend of the program and a vital part of the National Finals. Every year, he presents the Getty Powell Award—named for his father, the Hoop Shoot’s first National Director—to the top overall girl and boy shooters. Tune in for a Hoop Shoot history lesson and some of Bart's favorite memories!

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