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Hoop Shooting the Breeze: Episode 4

Hoop Shooting the Breeze: Episode 4

It's safe to say the Gray family was bitten by the Hoop Shoot bug! Sheahan Gray, the first Service Scorecard winner, got her family involved with the Hoop Shoot for the first time last year. Sheahan, her sister, Quinlan, and her brother, McKeon, all competed, and Sheahan clinched the State Champion title in Connecticut. Now, they are serving their community together as a family with the Service Scorecard. Learn more about the Service Scorecard at

Hoop Shooting the Breeze: Episode 2

Hoop Shooting the Breeze: Episode 2

Jenna Taylor accidentally got involved with the Hoop Shoot in an elementary school gym class—she made it to Regionals her first year as an 8-to 9-year old, and she went all the way to the 2011 National Finals during her final year of eligibility. Last year, Jenna joined the #ElksFamily as an Elks scholar. In the latest episode, she shares what she learned about a strong work ethic from shooting free throws, and she helps announce the first winners of the Service Scorecard raffle. #HoopShootServes Learn more about the Service Scorecard, register, and get started on this month's scorecard at

20 For 20: Meet Santiago Alvillar

20 For 20: Meet Santiago Alvillar

2020 MVS top winner Santiago Alvillar and his brothers are the first members of their entire family to receive a formal education. In the spring, Santiago got the news that he received $50,000 toward his college education. This fall, he started at Stanford University, where he's studying engineering physics. In the culmination of this year's top 20 interviews, Santiago, who is sponsored by Montebello, Calif., Lodge No. 2051, shares just what the scholarship means to him.

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