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Free Throws and the Flu

Free Throws and the Flu

#TrueGritTuesdays are back! First up is 2018 Hoop Shoot National Finalist Fischer Brown. He tied for fourth at Finals, but he says the lessons he learned aren't just basketball lessons—they're life lessons. Watch the video to see why! (Runtime: 2 mins., 41 secs.)

The Future of Elkdom

The Future of Elkdom

Elks scholars have shared how they view Elks in their community and how the Elks have introduced them to a life of service, and, in the final installment of "Beyond the Scholarship," they're sharing what they see for "The Future of Elkdom." "You're not only helping your community and the country, you're making a difference on the world." Enjoy! (Runtime: 1 min., 56 secs.)

Full Circle

Full Circle

"When I go out and serve communities on behalf of the Elks, I find that what the Elks have done for us and what we're doing for the community, I find that, that service comes full circle." These students were given the opportunity to attend college because of the Elks, and now they're giving back in the name of the Elks. Full circle.(Runtime: 1 min., 44 secs.)

150th Anniversary

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Community Investments

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Elks History Project

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Elks National Foundation

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Hoop Shoot

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Veterans Services

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