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Nicole EAF Video

Nicole EAF Video

Four years ago, Elks pledged to help end veteran homelessness. Since then, we've helped more than 6,000 veterans exit or prevent homelessness, and establish their new homes. Veterans like Nicole, who says, thanks to the Elks' help, "I feel like I'm building up to who I used to be, but even better."

Be the Spark: Positioned to Make a Difference

Be the Spark: Positioned to Make a Difference

Nicole, an Iraqi veteran and mom of two, turned to the Elks' Emergency Assistance Fund when she needed help paying her electric bill. Watch her share her story. #BeTheSpark (Runtime: 2 mins., 30 secs.)

2019 Hoop Shoot National Finals Highlights

2019 Hoop Shoot National Finals Highlights

The 2019 Hoop Shoot National Finals are history! It was a weekend full of fun, family and friendly competition. Here are the exctended highlights! #HoopShoot (Runtime: 4 mins., 24 secs.)

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