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The Future Looks Like Regina Sung

The Future Looks Like Regina Sung

With the values of hard work, dedication and collaboration ingrained in her by her farming family, Regina learned to grow gardens in the desert and to seek new experiences. #TheFutureLooksLike embracing others with an open mind! Enjoy the sixth installment of the series. (Runtime: 1 min. 39 secs.) #ElksFamily

The Future Looks Like Aneekah Uddin

The Future Looks Like Aneekah Uddin

In the final competition as the mechanical captain of her high school's robotics team, Aneekah embraced her femininity. Not only did she save the day, but also the team's robot. Enjoy the fourth installment of #TheFutureLooksLike series. (Runtime: 1 min., 59 secs.)

The Future Looks Like Seamus Hoolahan

The Future Looks Like Seamus Hoolahan

It's time to share new films from "The Future Looks Like..." series featuring the 2019 MVS scholarship class. Seamus Hoolahan who was the third place winner and recipient of a $30,000 MVS scholarship! Although Seamus lost the teacher who instilled the drive in him to keep going, the lessons he learned from him continue to live on in Seamus. Enjoy! (Runtime: 1 min., 33 secs.) #ElksFamily #TheFutureLooksLike

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