MVS Named Scholarship Program

You can name one of these scholarships!

The Elks National Foundation awards $2.8 million each year to 500 outstanding high school seniors who receive our Most Valuable Student scholarship.

Through the MVS Named Scholarship Program, every $4,000 pledge over four years to the ENF Scholarship Fund results in your choice of a name on one runner-up Most Valuable Student scholarship. Donors and scholars engage with one another over four years. Enroll now!

See donors and Elks scholars who currently participate in the MVS Named Scholarship Program on the MVS Named Scholarship Honor Roll.

Read on to learn more.

Q: Why name a scholarship?
Strengthen the Elks family! Elks scholars who connect personally with ENF donors have a more meaningful experience within our Elks family. They feel encouraged, more grateful, and more interested in the Elks overall. All MVS winners receive an Elks scholarship, but only those scholars paired with ENF donors through this program receive this personal inspiration and relationship. Remember: Elks scholars are our future Elks!

Q: How do I enroll?
Complete the enrollment form online and then donate to begin your $4,000 pledge to the ENF Scholarship Fund. Be sure to select a name for the MVS scholarship, either for your own namesake or in honor or memory of someone you wish to commemorate, and include your preferences so we can best pair you with an Elks scholar.

Q: I already enrolled. How do I donate toward my existing pledge?
Donate online anytime. It’s quick, easy and secure. If you prefer to send a donation by mail, use the printable donation form and mail it to the ENF office.

Q: How does ENF pair me with an Elks scholar?
MVS winners are selected each year through the Most Valuable Student contest. Among these winners, 482 runners-up are eligible to be paired with donors in the MVS Named Scholarship Program. When you enroll, submit preferences for the scholar’s state, college choice, area of study, etc. Based on your preferences, we find the best match for you from among this year’s MVS winners.

Q: Do my donations affect the scholar’s award amount?
No. Your participation in the MVS Named Scholarship Program does not affect the monetary value of this Elks scholar’s scholarship.

Q: How do I correspond with my Elks scholar?
Initially via the ENF office, you’ll receive an introduction from the Elks scholar once you’re paired. Then twice a year, you’ll receive a semester update letter from the scholar. He or she will share about college, extracurricular activities, personal progress, etc. Scholars love hearing from you, too! We encourage you to correspond beyond these biannual updates, even meeting together in person when possible.

Q: What is the financial commitment?
Donors pledge $4,000 to the ENF Scholarship Fund, scheduled over four years or payable in one sum. You may choose annual, quarterly or monthly installments via check, credit card or direct debit. Opting for automatic recurring donations also places you in the ENF Fidelity Club! You may donate online anytime.

Q: May I name more than one scholarship?
Yes! The more the merrier.

Q: Where do my donations go—directly to the Elks scholar?
Your pledge donations default to the ENF Scholarship Fund unless you designate another fund. Your donations do not go directly to the Elks scholar—MVS scholars receive their Elks scholarship regardless of inclusion in this program. Your Named Scholarship donations count toward your Lodge’s per capita and your individual giving totals, so you remain eligible for recognition within the ENF’s other donor recognition programs.

Q: Can Lodges or Lodge groups name a scholarship?
Only individual donors may enroll in the MVS Named Scholarship Program. Should spouses choose to name a scholarship together, the commitment will exist primarily with one of the two spouses.

Additional questions? Contact the ENF Development Department at 773/755-4762 or