Engaging Elks Scholars
Today's Elks scholars can be tomorrow's Elks, but only if you engage them and give them a reason to get involved. Elks-scholar-turned-Elk Macy Warburton says it best in this short video. (Runtime: 1 min., 50 secs.)

"Most recently, I had the opportunity to experience just how far-reaching my Elks family is. During my volunteer shift at a local hospital, I met a patient who ..."

For another example of what can happen when we engage our scholars, read Jessica Phan's blog post.
Dig Deeper, Learn More
We took a deep dive into the topic of engaging Elks scholars at the 2013 Elks National Convention in Reno, Nevada, where we hosted a panel discussion featuring our Elks Scholar Advisory Board.

You can watch excerpts from the discussion below. To take the deep dive with us, watch the 1 hour and 22 minute full-length video.

All in the Elks Family

Nathan discusses how Elks scholars feel connected to their Elks family once we engage them. (00:34)

Pay it Forward

Elks scholars appreciate their scholarships, so many will want to give back if asked. We need to engage them to make this happen. (01:20)

Missed Opportunities

Devin gives back to his community through other organizations, and would have given back with the Elks, if he had been asked. (01:51)

Personal Connections

Personal connections with Elks members led Macy to volunteer with the Elks Hoop Shoot over and over again. (01:45)

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

As Karsten describes, Elks scholars are naturally busy and involved on campus, but they want to give back with the Elks. Don’t be afraid to ask. Because they’re busy, scholars probably won’t reach out to the Lodge on their own. (03:26)

Practical Connections

Get practical advice about how to connect with Elks scholars. Sean says a good place to start is inviting Elks scholars to dinner or to speak at a Lodge meeting. (02:26)

Joiners, Doers and Leaders

Elks scholars are industrious, so they don’t have much free time. Maryann describes why we need to ask Elks scholars to the Lodge often, even if they can’t make it the first time. (02:14)

Elks are Fun

Elks scholars might not know just how fun the Elks are, so show them! (01:28)

Family Ties

Hear what the Elks mean to Devin, a Legacy Awards scholarship recipient, and how the Elks can bridge the gap between generations. (01:39)

Tomorrow's Elks

Elks scholars can be tomorrow’s Elks, but it takes action on our part. Take advantage of opportunities to connect with Elks scholars. (01:53)

Closing Remarks

Hear closing thoughts and comments from each of the scholar panelists. (10:38)

We can help you engage your scholars. Click here to locate Elks scholars near you. Email us at scholarship@elks.org or call 773/755-4732 to get started.

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