Host an Elks Scholar Meet-Up!
Want to host a successful Elks Scholar Meet-Up? Sean Pringle, a 2010 MVS scholar and member of the Elks Scholar Advisory Board has these tips:

1. Try to find a time that works well. I’ve found that 11am-12pm or after 5pm works best for a gathering or a meal together. Using can be a good way to schedule a time that works best for everyone.

2. Find multiple ways to contact Elks scholars. College students are busy and need to be reminded multiple times through email and other networking sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter). Using the Elks Scholar Facebook page and Twitter page can be a great way to promote activities on behalf of your campus for ALL Elks scholars to see.

3. Begin your first meet-up by getting to know one another. Share stories and develop ties with your fellow Elks scholars (you’re all part of the Elks family!).

4. During your first meet-up, be sure to have a sign in sheet. This will provide you with scholars’ current contact information for follow up. Email addresses are important for providing formal meet-up information, but phone numbers and texting can also provide the most immediate source of contact for busy Elks scholars.

5. Finish your first meet-up by setting a date to meet again. If other scholars are unsure, let them know you’ll send out an email about the next meet-up.

6. Take pictures. From informal meet-ups to the Elks Scholar Month of Service in April, pictures help share your story. The Elks National Foundation loves to post scholar photos and videos online to show all of the great things your group is doing!

7. Get in contact with a local Elks Lodge. Elks Lodges are a great place to meet up and/or volunteer with your Elks scholar group. Additionally, talk to the Lodge about having an Elk come to your meetings on the campus. Note that Lodges are always excited to see and hear from Elks Scholars. Consider a night to go and speak at a Lodge with your fellow Elks scholars.

8. Be open to any volunteer activities your scholar group can take part in. Your student government on campus probably has a community service center that advertises for available volunteer opportunities. Check online or approach your student government office for more information. Performing small activities on the weekend for an hour or two can make a large difference (especially when they’re performed in the name of the Elks!).

9. Remember that the Elks National Foundation can help answer any questions you may have and provide you with the resources to plan meet-ups and activities. The ENF will provide you with the information needed to contact Elks scholars and Lodges for events. Additionally, the Elks Scholar Advisory Board is comprised of Elks Scholars that can help answer questions from their own experience.

10. Have fun! The best way to make your Elks scholar group strong is to share in social activities and build a strong network with your Elks scholar peers. Remember that you all have at least one thing in common as Elks scholars—you’re all members of the Elks family!

For all the details about Elks Scholar Meet-Ups, click here.

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