Grand Lodge Contests & Awards

The Elks' Grand Lodge Committees sponsor a variety of contests and awards to encourage participation in Grand Lodge programs:

Fraternal Committee Contests and Awards

You'll find information about the following Contests and Awards on the Grand Lodge Fraternal Committee's Program Info & Downloads page:

  • Request Form for a Fraternal Committee Award Pin

  • ER Flow Chart (PDF) - Includes Important Contest Dates

  • Contest 'A' - All American Lodge Contest (Deadline: 3/15)

  • Citizen, Elk & Officer of the Year Award Request Form (Deadline: 3/15)

  • Grand Exalted Ruler Award Forms

  • Americanism Essay Contest (Deadline: 12/15)

  • State Web Site Contest Application (Deadline: 10/1)

  • Lodge Web Site Contest Application (Deadline: 10/1)

Activities Committee Programs

You'll find information about the following programs on the Grand Lodge Activities Committee's Downloads page:

  • Medal of Valor & Medal of Service Order Information

  • Grand Lodge Community Project Contest (Deadline: 5/1)

  • Hoop Shoot, Soccert Shoot and Junior Golf Certificates of Participation

  • Public Safety Medal of Valor and Medal of Service Recognition Program Certificates

  • Grand Lodge Student Recognition Program

Grand Exalted Ruler Awards

The Grand Exalted Ruler sponsors a variety of awards to recognize our best recruiters and other outstanding members:

  • GER Award Pin Request Form (Deadline: 6/15)

  • Application for Recruiters Watch

  • Outstanding Members—Certification Request for GER Special Commendation Award (Deadline: 3/31)

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