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Welcome to 
The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks
No. 1648       

Huntsville, Alabama 

Huntsville is home of Redstone Arsenal and 
George C. Marshall National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)



Dear Elk Members,

“I would like for all of us to adopt a personal standard by 
which we all agree to live. 

That standard is, we as Members, agree that we are all in 'The Pleasing Business'. Think of it this way, I am here to please you, you are here to please me, they are all here to please us, and us them. I would really like for us to be one great big family. 

Unity creates strength and loyalty, and those traits will make all of us better Elks 
and put us in position to have a fun and successful year.”

Jerry "Buzzy" Byrom, 
Exalted Ruler Huntsville Lodge No. 1648

# # #

Lodge Meetings - All Elks are welcome to our meetings!
The Lodge meets every second and fourth Tuesday at 7:00 PM, except in the months of July and August, the meetings are the fourth Tuesday only and in December may vary with the holiday season. We are located at 725 Franklin Street three blocks south of the Madison County Courthouse.

Look for the large, lighted AMERICAN FLAG - We fly it proudly!




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H O M E    P A G E



The Elk's Creed

"Believe in the goodness in thyself as well as others.

Protect childhood with tenderness,
Old age with respect,
Cherish with reverence the memory of those who
have passed.

Observe faithfully the Golden Rule.

Enjoy the good things of earth. Keep within thee the
Glorious Sunshine of youth and remain always of
good cheer."



Historic 21 Century
Members attending our first lodge meeting of the 21st century in Huntsville signed a roster during the January 9th 2001 meeting.  We submit we are the only lodge in the USA to have such a document!   (See and click on "Historic Event.")


Huntsville Elks Lodge No. 1648 is working to become the best Lodge in America!




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