East Brunswick, NJ 2370

Disposal of Service-Worn American Flags

The American Flag is the proud symbol of our great nation and all the best things that it stands for. Especially since the days following September 112, 2001, our American Flag is being displayed by more and more of our citizens and, as time goes by, they become tattered, worn and can no longer be flown.

A worn American Flag must be properly and respectfully disposed of and there are specific federal laws that govern how this must be accomplished. There is a very easy way to retire your service-worn flag that costs you nothing and guarantees an honorable and respectful end result.

The East Brunswick Elks Lodge provides two drop-off locations for you to bring your worn, tattered, or stained flags. Both locations have a modified mailbox that have been decorated with a flag design for your use. Flags are picked up monthly by lodge members and brought to the lodge on a regular basis for folding and preparation for retirement. Flags from schools, houses of worship, and commercial sites are also welcomed.

East Brunswick Recycling Center, Dunhams Corner Road
East Brunswick Elks Lodge, 21B Oakmont Road,

Should you wish to attend the dignified ceremony in which service-worn flags are properly retired, you are more than welcome to do so. Just place your name, address, and telephone number with your flags when you bring them to one of the special mail boxes listed above. The Elks will contact you when the flag retirement ceremony has been scheduled. There is no cost associated with this community service and your name and address will not be shared with anyone nor will it be used for any form of advertising.

The East Brunswick Elks also offers a program for children's groups in which they are taught the proper care, folding, and display of our American flag.

If you have any questions regarding this Elks community service, please contact the East Brunswick Elks at (732) 821-9527