End of Year Housekeeping
The 2022-23 fiscal year is closed, and what a year it’s been! 2021-22 was a record-breaking year for the Elks National Foundation, but the preliminary numbers for 2022-23 are even better.

Elks have proven, once again, that they always care.

Review Period

While the numbers for the 2022-23 fiscal year have been updated on the Reports & Standings page and no more donations can be made, there is still time for adjustments to donation credits. If your Lodge’s membership support seems lower than you think it should be, it is possible that donations were submitted without the proper paperwork crediting the gifts to individual donors.

The ENF will be taking credit adjustments until April 13, 2023.

If you think there is an issue with the crediting of your Lodge’s donations, contact us by emailing fundraising@elks.org or by calling 773/755-4728. Because this is the ENF’s busiest time of year, email is the quickest method of contact. Please provide as much information as you can, including whether the donation was made with a check or credit card, the batch number for the remittance, and when the gift was made.

Any donations made after March 31, 2023, will be counted toward the 2023-24 fiscal year.

Grant Implications

We know that you’re eager to start building stronger communities in this new year, but we encourage reviewing the preliminary numbers and waiting for adjustments to be made before Lodges submit their Gratitude Grant applications.

The bonuses offered when you submit your Gratitude Grant application will be the bonuses awarded upon receipt of the Gratitude Grant. If your Lodge’s numbers are not correct and you are not currently eligible for one of the bonuses and you apply, you will not receive the bonus even when the numbers are adjusted.

For questions about the Gratitude Grant and its bonuses, please contact the CIP team at enfprograms@elks.org or by calling 773/755-4730.

Giving Back

The ENF strives to give more money back to every state than it received from that state in donations. For the 2023-24 fiscal year, the ENF Board of Trustees has approved a budget of nearly $43.3 million, with $40 million reserved for ENF programs.

To see how the ENF is giving back in 2023-24, check out the Grants & Appropriations page.

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