The Muns Are the Ones for Fidelity Club
As soon as she turned 21 and graduated from Antlers, the Junior Elks Program, Courtney Muns asked her father, Robert, “When can I become an Elk?”

The answer was very soon. But first, Courtney was off to the 2017 Special Olympics Winter Games in Austria, where she placed second in the 100-meter and fourth in the 200-meter snowshoe competition.

“I worked very hard to make the team and it was an honor competing for Team USA,” Courtney says. “I was very happy to get a silver medal while my mom, dad and sister cheered me on.”

Courtney looks forward to competing in the Winter Games again in the future. Next time, she will be returning as a member of the Elks.

“When I came back from Austria, they made it happen,” says Courtney, who is now a member of Elmwood Park-Paterson, N.J., Lodge No. 60.

During Courtney’s initiation, Robert, who has been an Elk for eight years, pinned and welcomed his daughter to her next adventure. In addition to sharing their Elks bond, Courtney and her father support the Elks National Foundation through a recurring gift and as members of the Fidelity Club.

As Elks, they’ve enjoyed meeting new people and making a difference in their community. As members of the Fidelity Club, what the Muns appreciate much more than the pins, letters and even the convenience, is how it feels knowing they’re helping their Lodge, community and the Foundation.

“The greatest thing in giving is the feeling in our heart,” Robert says. “We might not give a lot of money, but it feels like millions in our hearts.”

The Muns look forward to continuing to reach new levels in the Fidelity Club, and we look forward to continuing to watch them grow within the Elks community.

“The Fidelity Club is the best thing,” Robert says.

Give to the ENF with ease. Donors who join the ENF Fidelity Club, the ENF’s monthly giving program, have their names listed on our website and receive a special gift. To learn more about participating in the Fidelity Club please visit

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