In It Together

Last year’s devastating tornados in Alabama left many with nothing. Rebuilding efforts have been under way ever since, and the Elks at Tuscaloosa, Ala., Lodge No. 393 are among the many who’ve stepped up to help.

If You Rebuild It

This spring, the Lodge used its ENF Gratitude Grant to provide for volunteers. Elks partnered with Community Collaborations International to assist the 72 college students who spent their spring break helping the recovery effort. Upon arrival, these students set to work clearing debris, repairing homes, and supporting the local Red Cross and Salvation Army posts. Along the way, they worked up at appetite, and the Elks were there to keep them fueled up and full of energy.

Fuel and Friendship

Each night, Lodge members provided dinner for the crew and helped them attain the supplies they needed for the next day. After the hard days of work, the students looked forward to these meals.

“Thank you Elks for preparing dinners throughout the month of March,” writes Community Collaborations. “The volunteers all raved about how delicious the food was. With your help, we were able to have more than 200 volunteers dedicate 8,000 volunteer hours to help Tuscaloosa on the road to recovery.”

The Elks National Foundation helps Lodges serve their communities by offering $2,000 Gratitude Grants. Lodges are eligible to apply for Gratitude Grants after meeting the National President’s per-capita goal for Foundation giving. To find out more about Gratitude Grants and the Community Investments Program, visit

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