What does the CIP mean to your Lodge? We asked this very question to some of our talented, hardworking CIP volunteers, and we got a great response! Check out what these CIPerstars had to say about how CIP grants help them build stronger communities.

Making an Impact —The CIP enables us to invest in our community without the difficult task of raising the funds! We have an opportunity to physically serve through volunteering our time and talents. We are proud to be the recipient of the "Impact Grant." This grant has helped us to have a positive effect on the 30 students we are serving, as well as the families and community. Our hearts swell with pride when we serve others.

–Sally Boseman, Pendleton, S.C., Lodge No. 2861

Filling a Need—It's a feeling that can’t be explained unless you are involved in seeing how this grant has helped our community knowing that as the need goes up Elks are there. To make sure none go hungry-helping each pantry and soup.

–David Cioe, Bristol County, R.I., Lodge No. 1899

Supporting Neighbors— CIP is a great opportunity to support many community projects. This is a wonderful way to reach out and let our neighbors see what we do.

–DJ Damon, Bend, Ore., Lodge No. 1371

Connecting with Those in Need— Involvement with the CIP means we have the opportunity to help our community especially the underprivileged children and our disabled veterans. It also helps to get our members involved with community projects.

–Richard Menor, Myrtle Beach, S.C., Lodge No. 1771