ENF Programs and Membership

Watch this series of panels from past Conventions that demonstrate how Lodges can use ENF programs to both build stronger communities and encourage community members to join the Elks.

Engaging Elks Scholars

2013 Elks National Convention | Reno, Nev.

Today's Elks scholars can be tomorrow's Elks.

Our scholars are committed to community service. They join clubs and organizations, and they lead them. They’re industrious. They’re the kind of people who would make great Elks someday, but that’s not going to happen just because we gave them a scholarship. We need to engage them.

At the 2013 Elks National Convention in Reno, we asked a panel of current and former Elks scholars how Lodges can get our scholars involved. Here’s the discussion in its entirety, all 1 hour and 22 minutes of it. The show is filled with great advice and inspirational stories from eight representatives of a group of people who sincerely want to give back to the Elks but need to be encouraged to do so.

ENF Grants: Serve Your Community

2012 Elks National Convention | Austin, Texas

During the 2012 Elks National Convention in Austin, Texas, the ENF held a panel discussion on effectively using Elks National Foundation grants to serve your community and inspire your neighbors to join. Watch the video.

Membership: Successful Lodges Panel

2011 Elks National Convention | Phoenix, Ariz.

During the 2011 Elks National Convention in Phoenix, Ariz., the ENF hosted a panel featuring representatives from four Lodges that posted membership gains for 10 consecutive years. Watch their advice for successful membership growth.

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