Fundraising Keys to Success
Are you looking for ways to improve your fundraising efforts in the upcoming fiscal year? Maybe you’d like some words of wisdom as you pass the fundraising torch in 2014-15. Take some advice from fellow ENF Fundraising Chairs! Read the techniques they used to have a successful fiscal year.

Promotion is Key

“If you don't ask everyone, you don't give them a chance to say yes. Always ask to donate to ENF—it pretty much sells itself.”

Dennis Hafer
Lodge ENF Fundraising Chair
Wappinger, N.Y., Lodge No. 2609

“Get excited and spread that excitement around. Get the word out to every member about just how great ENF really is.”

Terry Barnaby
Lodge ENF Fundraising Chair
Alma, Mich., Lodge No. 1400

Use Online Resources

“Review the ENF Chair Challenge Score Card, Reports and Standings, and ENFrontline at least monthly. Complete the ENF Chair Certificate as soon as possible and refer to it for pointers as needed.”

Samuel Casella
Lodge ENF Fundraising Chair
Melbourne, Fla., Lodge No. 1744

No Gift is Too Small

“Each fundraiser you have does not have to be a big one. You’ll make yourself crazy trying to raise thousands each time.”

Carolyn Keany
Lodge ENF Fundraising Chair
Manahawkin, N.J., Lodge No. 2340

Get Members Involved

“Engage other members to help you raise money and brainstorm how to meet the Lodge’s per-capita goal.”

Kathleen Krisak
Lodge ENF Fundraising Chair
Holyoke, Mass., Lodge No. 902

“Always make sure that members know where their dollars go! They need to be aware how they can be a participant as well as be a donor.”

Sandra Brantner
Lodge ENF Fundraising Chair
Oakland, Md., Lodge No. 2481

Will you be serving as 2014-15 ENF Fundraising Chair? Click here to register and get started this year, which—thanks to these tips—is sure to be a success!

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