Gil Vale
Manassas, Va., Lodge 2515
Manassas, Va. Lodge No. 2512 has always gone above and beyond to raise money for the ENF. This year is no exception. The Lodge has already raised more than $1,400 and reached a per capita of $10.57! Lodge ENF Chair Gil Vale contributes to this success in a big way.

Leading by Example
Vale got involved as Lodge ENF Chair when longtime volunteer and Virginia State ENF Chair, Beverly Hamby, suggested that he assist his Lodge’s previous ENF chair with online reports. Vale found it was fast and easy to check donation records on the web.

Eventually Vale took over as Lodge ENF Chair. Reviewing the History of Donations report, he noticed that many Lodge members gave only once. To increase support, Vale encourages members to include an ENF donation annually with dues payments. He is also not afraid of a little friendly competition. The Manassas Elks compete with another Lodge in their district to see who can raise the most money in support of ENF during the fiscal year. It’s always a close battle, and many members come out to support the Lodge and ENF.

Vale knows that it’s important for members to be motivated not just by the ENF Chair’s words but also by actions, “It helps if you lead by example and show them what you do,” he says.

Wearing his ENF recognition pins proudly, Vale is always happy to promote the ENF when someone asks about the pins. As a member of the ENF Fidelity Club, he appreciates how easy it is to make a recurring gift. Vale encourages members to set up an automatic, monthly, recurring gift from a bank account or credit card.

Apart from meeting donation goals every year, Vale is most proud of his Lodge’s participation in the ENF Community Investments Program.

“It’s one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done,” says Vale regarding the Manassas Elks use of CIP grants to provide supplies to children in local schools.

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