Cumulative Recognition Level Update
On March 31, 2021, we'll make the biggest change to our cumulative recognition program since 2001. On that day, we will discontinue the three cumulative recognition levels below $1,000: the Participating Member ($100), the Sustaining Member ($250), and the Distinguished Member ($500).

This change will align our recognition efforts with our goals of emphasizing annual giving and encouraging donors to join the Fidelity Club for recurring giving. With the rising cost of postage and materials, it now costs us more than $6.25 for each pin mailed, and that doesn't include staff processing time. Many donors achieve these levels with a gift of $10. Recognition eats up 62.5 percent of that value. Further, consider that the Participating Member program began in the 1930's. A $100 donation in 1935 is equivalent to a $1,875 donation today. It simply does not make sense for us to continue recognizing cumulative giving at these levels.

Donors who wish to attain one of these levels will have until March 31, 2021, to do so. We'll then mail recognition for these levels for the last time, with each qualifying donor receiving a pin for the highest level attained. While the $100 cumulative pin is going away, we are proud to offer our donors the opportunity to earn a pin for making their first 12 recurring gifts, which can be achieved for as little as $60 in a year.

Learn more about all of our recognition programs, including the annual giving recognition program and the Fidelity Club.

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