Individual Recognition Programs

The Elks National Foundation administers these recognition programs to honor individuals for their generous support. Each program recognizes individuals for different reasons; a single donor may be eligible for one or all of these programs, based on his or her giving amount, method and frequency.

All ENF recognition pieces are
made in the U.S.A.

  • Annual
    Based on current-year giving, the Foundation Fellowship recognizes donors who give $50 or more during this current fiscal year.
  • Fidelity Club
    For individuals who enroll with a monthly, automatic donation or through payroll donations, the ENF Fidelity Club recognizes the number of donations an individual has given through an automatic method.
  • ENF Loyalty Club
    Honors loyal individuals who have donated to the ENF consecutively for the past five or more fiscal years.
  • MVS Named Scholarship Program
    An opportunity to engage personally with an Elks scholar as he or she journeys through college. Individuals pledge $4,000 over four years.
  • Elks Scholar Donor Honor Roll
    These Elks scholarship recipients have given back by donating to the ENF.
  • Cumulative
    Based on an individual's lifetime total of giving, this program celebrates individual's cumulative giving at seven levels.