Chair Challenge Guidelines

The Chair Challenge contest recognizes Lodges for having a broad-based fundraising program in support of the ENF. Comprehensive reports and standings online aid ENF Fundraising Chairs in tracking ENF support, identifying donors, and understanding strengths and weaknesses. To better Promote the ENF, Acquire New Donors, Renew Donors and Recognize Donors, Chairs should view the materials available at http:/

Click here for a handy worksheet to help you keep track of your score. Click here to view this year's contest standings.

For 2024-25, Lodges may earn up to 1,000 points for achieving the following goals within the four roles of an ENF Fundraising Chair. Registered Lodge ENF Fundraising Chairs who earn 550 points or more can earn a Leadership Pin and help their Lodge attain a Gratitude Grant bonus. To look at your Lodge's progress toward the Gratitude Grant and its bonuses, click here.

Bonus Points: 200 points possible

Watch for and complete the Extra Credit opportunities in various issues of ENFrontline and on the ENF Fundraising Chairs Dashboard and related pages for 20 points each. *Please note that to keep it fair for all Chairs, ENF staff are unable to assist in locating these opportunities.*

Promote the ENF: 150 points possible

1. Registering as ENF Fundraising Chair and Earning the ENF Fundraising Chair Certificate*: 50 points possible

20 points are awarded if the Lodge ENF Fundraising Chair, new or returning, registers before May 1, 2024. Registrations received on or before August 1, 2024, earn 15 points, and registrations received anytime thereafter earn 5 points.

30 points are awarded when the Lodge ENF Fundraising Chair earns the ENF Fundraising Chair Certificate. Chairs should take the certification quiz upon registering as ENF Fundraising Chair. The last day to earn a certificate is February 28, 2025.

If you missed the quiz while you were registering, don't fret! You can still go back and take the quiz here:

Lodge Fundraising Chair Quiz

District Fundraising Chair Quiz

State Fundraising Chair Quiz

* Scores in these categories are tied directly to the registered Lodge ENF Fundraising Chair. Scores will revert to zero if the Chair is not registered or leaves the position prior to March 31, 2025.

2. Ordering New, Updated ENF Supplies for the 2024-25 Fiscal Year: 50 points possible

50 points are awarded for ordering 2024-25 updated ENF supplies containing current data and appropriations during this fiscal year for use within the Lodge. Specifically, Lodges must order the ENF Brochure, the Fast Facts card, and/or the Fidelity Club card. (But it's a good practice to update all of your supplies each year, as our supplies change frequently.) Supplies can be ordered through the Supply Order Form when they become available in mid-May.

3. Using the ENF in Our Community Poster: 50 points possible

Lodges earn 50 points for using and displaying the NEW ENF in our Community poster, which will be mailed to Lodges in Summer 2024.

Acquire New Donors: 200 points possible

1. New Donors: 60 points possible

Scoring is based on the quantity of donors who make their first gift to the ENF during the fiscal year, April 1 to March 31**. Lodges earn 2 points for each new donor this year. See a list of this year's new donors here.

Qty. of New Donors x 2 = points allocated

2. New Sustaining Givers (Fidelity Club Members) (or Exemplary Fidelity Club Participation): 70 points possible

Lodges will earn 35 points for the first new sustaining giver they acquire and retain during the year, and 35 additional points for the second. Donor(s) must remain enrolled through March 31, 2024. Initial donation must be debited/charged during this fiscal year.**

Alternatively, reach the Fidelity Club membership goal, which is based on 5 percent of the prior year's donors, and the Lodge will be eligible for a $500 bonus on its Gratitude Grant. Check out the Fidelity Club Goal Progress Report to track progress toward the goal. Lodges that receive the $500 Gratitude Grant bonus in the next fiscal year will earn full points in this category.

3. Membership Support: 70 points possible

Lodges will earn 70 points** if they exceed 15 percent in membership support—meaning more than 15 percent of the members donate to the Foundation during the fiscal year.

Lodges at 15 percent membership support or less can score 0 to 60 points. Scores for these Lodges will be calculated as follows:

Pct. Membership Support x 400 = points allocated

To count for membership support, donors must give at least $10 and have a valid address on file. View a report of participation percentages for Lodge, district and state Membership Support online here. For a more detailed breakdown of member donations from this fiscal year, Lodge Chairs can view the Record of Donations report.

**To earn credit in Chair Challenge and Membership Support calculations, new donors and new Fidelity Club donors must be Elk members or card-carrying spouses/widows listed in CLMS. A valid address is required for any donor to be counted in any category.

Renew Donors: 250 points possible

1. Retaining New Donors: 70 points possible

Use the Donor Breakdown Report to monitor donors by classification—including second- and third-year donors. Click here to view this report.

Second-year donors

Scoring for second-year donors is based on the quantity of donors acquired last fiscal year who have donated again this year. Lodges earn 5 points for every new donor who becomes a second-year donor this year. The New Donor Retention report shows which donors will count as second-year donors if they donate this year.

Qty. of Second-year donors x 5 = points allocated

Third-year donors

Scoring for third-year donors is based on the quantity of donors acquired two fiscal years ago who also donated last year and again this year. Lodges earn 2 points for every second-year donor who becomes a third-year donor this fiscal year.

Qty. of Third-year donors x 2 = points allocated

Please note that the total possible score for Retaining New Donors is 70 points.

2. Reactivate and Renew: 130 points possible

Renewed Donors

Scoring is based on the quantity of donors who gave to the ENF last year and who donate again this fiscal year, excluding Retained New Donors. Lodges earn 3 points for every renewed donor. The Warning List shows which donors will count as renewed if they donate this year.

Qty. of Renewed donors x 3 = points allocated

Reactivated Donors

Lapsed donors gave prior to April 1, 2022, but not during the 2022-23 fiscal year. Lodges earn 2 points for every lapsed donor who reactivates his or her support this fiscal year. View the Lapsed Donors Report, which shows donors who will count as reactivated if they donate this year.

Qty. of Reactivated Donors x 2 = points allocated

Please note that the total possible score for Reactivate and Renew is 130 points.

3. Donation Frequency: 50 points possible

Lodges earn 2.5 points for every donor who gives more than once during the year. The more Fidelity Club donors you have, the easier it is to rack up points in this category. This is where sustaining givers come in handy! Submit donations as they are collected to ensure that your Lodge receives the points earned—be sure not to hold donations at the Lodge. Lodge Chairs can see which donors have given multiple times this fiscal year using the Record of Donations report.

Qty. of donors who give more than once this year x 2.5 = points allocated

Recognize Donors: 200 points possible

1. Utilize Online Remittance Form: 60 points possible

Submit donations to help your members receive recognition through the Online Remittance Form, the fastest, most accurate way to submit donor names and donations to the ENF. Utilize this form at least once during the fiscal year and send in a printed copy or batch number with the donation total to the ENF to earn 60 points. Instructions were mailed to each Lodge at the beginning of the fiscal year, and they can be found online here.

Please note: To count for score, batches must be submitted by December 31, 2024, and must contain more than one donation.

2. Donors Receiving Foundation Fellowship Recognition: 90 points possible

Scoring is based on the quantity of donors in your Lodge who earn recognition through the Foundation Fellowship, the annual recognition program, with donations that total at least $50 from April 1, 2024, to March 31, 2025. Lodges earn 2 points for each donor who is a part of the Foundation Fellowship in the Lodge. The Ask Targets report lists donors who are members of the Foundation Fellowship, and it tells you how much other members of your Lodge need to give to be eligible for Foundation Fellowship recognition.

Qty. of Foundation Fellowship Donors x 2 = points allocated

3. Leadership Donation*: 50 points possible

Lodges earn 50 points when their Lodge ENF Fundraising Chair sets an example for the Lodge and participates in the Leadership Challenge with a personal donation, in any amount, to the ENF. To see current standings for the Leadership Challenge, click here.

In the event of a tie for first, second or third place, a tie-breaker will be based on (1) Reactivate and Renew score, then (2) Fidelity Club Members, then (3) New Donors. If these three categories fail to break the tie, we'll repeat in the same order, without applying category maximums. If the tie remains, we'll work through the remaining categories, in the order presented above, first comparing the category score, then the actual score without a maximum. If none of these measures breaks the tie, the tie will stand.

Grand Lodge Membership Divisions

The GL Lodge Activities committee, based on the following Grand Lodge membership divisions, recognizes Chair Challenge and Per-Member-Giving contest winners.

1. 150 members or less
2. 151 to 225 members
3. 226 to 300 members
4. 301 to 450 members
5. 451 to 700 members
6. More than 701 members