Meet the 2017 BackBoard!

We are thrilled to introduce the 2017 Hoop Shoot Alumni Advisory Board, a.k.a. the BackBoard. These six past National Finalists will join us in Chicago for the 2017 Hoop Shoot National Finals. They will serve as volunteers, leaders, and role models to this year’s National Finalists! Get to know these outstanding Hoop Shoot alumni below.

Sarah Yount

College: Franklin College

Sponsoring Lodge: Noblesville, Ind., Lodge No. 576

National Finals Appearances: 2010

National Finals Score: 16/25


The Hoop Shoot taught Sarah Yount how to handle pressure, work hard and never give up. She also learned to be humble in success without the bitterness of defeat. Sarah has been able to apply these skills to all areas of her life. She is delighted by the opportunity to support and encourage all participants as a member of the Hoop Shoot Alumni Advisory Board.

Advice for 2017 National Finalsts:

“Anything can happen, so it is important to stay positive and do the best you can do!”

Fox Maikovich

College: University of Colorado

Sponsoring Lodge: Boulder, Colo., Lodge No. 566

National Finals Appearances: 2010

National Finals Score: 21/25

About: Fox, a member of the inaugural BackBoard, remembers the pressures that came with being a 2010 Hoop Shoot National Finalist. “As nervous as you may be, enjoy the moment! Making it this far is an enormous accomplishment, so celebrate!” Fox will use his sense of humor to help calm the nerves of the 2017 Hoop Shoot National Finalists.

Advice for 2017 National Finalsts:

“Once you step up to the line, all you can do is shoot to the best of your ability.”

Kathryn Hoisington

College: University of Oregon

Sponsoring Lodge: Placerville, Calif., Lodge No. 1712

National Finals Appearances: 2004

National Finals Score: 17/25

About: “The most important lesson I learned from competing in the Hoop Shoot, and something I still hold very dear today, is that with courage, dedication, a positive mindset and healthy support system, I can do anything I put my mind to today. Whenever I doubt myself, I look back at what I accomplished as a young, unsure 9-year-old and remind myself I still have that little girl inside me.” Kathryn wants the 2017 National Finalists to know it is okay to be nervous and to remember that participating in the Finals is an accomplishment that many kids haven’t been able to do.

Advice for 2017 National Finalsts:

"It’s not each individual shot you took but the excitement, honor and connections made throughout this incredible journey that you will remember.”

Kelly Hughes

College: Boston College

Sponsoring Lodge: Point Pleasant, N.J., Lodge No. 1698

National Finals Appearances: 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009.

Frank Hise National Champion 2004

National Finals Score: 22/25 2004

About: Just two years after becoming a Frank Hise National Champion, Kelly swallowed defeat at the hands of her twin sister at the Lodge level. Kelly went from being a participant to the best cheerleader and rebounder she could be for her sister. Kelly wants to remind the 2017 National Finalists to have fun and keep a smile on their face through every miss and make!

Advice for 2017 National Finalsts:

"Continue working hard in all you do and never be satisfied with where you are because there is always someone working harder than you."

Samuel Brown

College: Husson University

Sponsoring Lodge: Bangor, Maine, Lodge No. 244

National Finals Appearances: 2010

National Finals Score: 17/25

About: Samuel remembers that he learned how to believe in himself, his skills both as a basketball player and a person, through the Hoop Shoot. Samuel is thrilled at the chance to give back to the people and the Hoop Shoot program that gave him amazing opportunities in the past.

Advice for 2017 National Finalsts:

“Don’t get caught up in the contest itself. Most important, have fun and get some sleep the night before!”

Jonathan Baker

College: Northwest Missouri State University

Sponsoring Lodge: Maryville, Mo., Lodge No. 760

National Finals Appearances: 2004, 2005.

Frank Hise National Champion 2005

National Finals Score: 24/25 2005

About: The intense nature of the Hoop Shoot competition prepared Jonathan for future opportunities and challenges in his life. The Hoop Shoot helped him develop emotional stamina. As a student athlete for the NCAA Division II Football National Champion Northwest Bearcats, Jonathan applies the skills he learned from the Hoop Shoot to his college athletic career. Jonathan is eager to meet and cheer on the 2017 National Finalists!

Advice for 2017 National Finalsts:

“The result does not define you as an athlete or a person, whether you win it all or come up short.”

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