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2016 Hoop Shoot National Finals Recap
(posted 4/20/2016)
The 2016 Hoop Shoot National Finals are in the books! Check out the winners and read some of the highlights from this wonderful event!
2016 Hoop Shoot National Finals (posted 4/19/2016)
The 2016 Hoop Shoot National Finals have concluded. There were a lot of great memories, and there will be plenty of pictures to come! Right now, relive the Chicago Experience with this short video of weekend highlights.
Get to the Know the 2016 Hoop Shoot National Finalists (posted 4/1/2016)
The field has been set! Read on to get an inside look at some of the 2016 Hoop Shoot National Finalists!
Where will the Hoop Shoot take you? (posted 3/30/2016)
If you follow the Elks National Foundation on social media, you may have seen some of our Throwback Thursday or #tbt posts from the Hoop Shoot Photo Vault. This throwback received airtime on ESPN!
Arm or Head? (posted 3/30/2016)
Kevin Laue, the 2016 Hoop Shoot National Finals Keynote Speaker has shown grit from the start, having to battle for his life before he even entered the world. Kevin has played basketball his entire life overcoming many obstacles along the way, he found success on and off the court ultimately playing division one basketball at Manhattan College.
Lexi Baumgartner's Story (posted 1/26/2016)
Lexi Baumgartner is a 2015-16 Hoop Shoot Contestant. Here is her news from the court!
Asher Williams' Story (posted 1/26/2016)
Asher Williams is a 2015-16 Hoop Shoot Contestant. Here is his news from the court!
Lodge 1316's Hoop Shoot (posted 12/8/2015)
Members from the Elks National Foundation Staff volunteered at Lodge 1316's Hoop Shoot in Chicago. Hear what they had to say after speaking with some of the contestants.
Grit Matters. The Hoop Shoot Develops It. (posted 9/30/2015)
Watch Ice Cream and the Rocky Road Back a short film demonstrating how setting goals and working hard to achieve them are keys to developing grit.
Girls Allowed (posted 7/1/2015)
A must watch film! Girls Allowed explores the role women already have in the Hoop Shoot, and illustrates the importance of including even more women in leadership roles in the program.

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