HoopShoot Contest Schedules

If you've advanced beyond your local and district contests, click on your state or scroll down below to view a list of Hoop Shoot state and regional contests in chronological order.

West Region 7 Hoop Shoot Semi-Final

Date: 02/25/2017
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Details: West Region 7 Includes the following States: AZ - CA - HI - NV - UT
Contact: Larry Torres, Regional Director
Contact Phone: 559-906-1422
Contact Email: ltor@thegrid.net

Northwest Region 1 Hoop Shoot Semi-Final

Date: 03/11/2017
Location: Vancouver, WA
Details: Northwest Region 1 Includes the following States: WA - OR - ID - AK
Contact: Joe Basil, Regional Director
Contact Phone: 360-942-8131
Contact Email: baz@willapabay.org

Northwest Central Region 2 Hoop Shoot Semi-Final

Date: 03/11/2017
Location: Rapid City, SD
Details: Northwest Central Region 2 Includes the following States: MT - ND - SD
Contact: Vern Larson, Regional Director
Contact Phone: 605-295-2501
Contact Email: larsonvkg@gmail.com

West Central Region 8 Hoop Shoot Semi-Final

Date: 03/11/2017
Location: Denver, CO
Details: West Central Region 8 Includes the following States: CO - KS - NE - WY
Contact: Randy Gragg, Regional Director
Contact Phone: 785-554-7164
Contact Email: randy_gragg@sbcglobal.net

Central Region 9 Hoop Shoot Semi-Final

Date: 03/11/2017
Location: Paris, TN
Details: Central Region 9 Includes the following States: AR - KY - MO - TN
Contact: Jim Dorris, Regional Director
Contact Phone: 270-871-6716
Contact Email: jdorris6@gmail.com

Southeast Central Region 10 Hoop Shoot Semi-Final

Date: 03/11/2017
Location: Middletown, MD
Details: Southeast Central Region 10 Includes the following States: NC, VA, MD, DE, DC, WV
Contact: James McNitt, Regional Director
Contact Phone: 301-401-4967
Contact Email: JMcNitt52@aol.com

North Central Region 3 Hoop Shoot Semi-Final

Date: 03/18/2017
Location: Iowa City, IA
Details: North Central Region 3 Includes the following States: IA - IL - MN - WI
Contact: Tony Voulgaris, Regional Director
Contact Phone: 920-688-2477
Contact Email: tonyvoulgaris@aol.com

Great Lakes Region 4 Hoop Shoot Semi-Final

Date: 03/18/2017
Location: Angola, IN
Details: Great Lakes Region 4 Includes the following States: MI - IN - OH
Contact: Don Fassnacht, Regional Director
Contact Phone: 765-414-1321
Contact Email: doncarriefassnacht@frontier.com

Southwest Region 11 Hoop Shoot Semi-Final

Date: 03/18/2017
Location: Dallas, TX
Details: Southwest Region 11 Includes the following States: LA - NM - OK - TX
Contact: Gregg Eleeson, Regional Director
Contact Phone: 214-797-0689
Contact Email: gregoryeleeson@yahoo.com

Southeast Region 12 Hoop Shoot Semi-Final

Date: 03/18/2017
Location: Valdosta, GA
Details: Southeast Region 12 Includes the following States: AL - FL - GA - MS - SC
Contact: Lester Collins, Regional Director
Contact Phone: 256-566-6968
Contact Email: lwcollins1@bellsouth.net

Northeast Central Region 5 Hoop Shoot Semi-Final

Date: 03/25/2017
Location: Wilkes-Barre, PA
Details: Northeast Central Region 5 Includes the following States: NJ - NY - PA
Contact: Steve Lucas, Regional Director
Contact Phone: 814-931-2396
Contact Email: hoopshoots@aol.com

New England Region 6 Hoop Shoot Semi-Final

Date: 03/25/2017
Location: Portland, ME
Details: New England Region 6 Includes the following States: CT - ME - MA - NH - RI - VT
Contact: Richard Blinn, Regional Director
Contact Phone: 978-457-9755
Contact Email: bpoe165@msn.com

Hoop Shoot National Finals

Date: 04/22/2017
Location: Chicago, IL
Details: Hoop Shoot National Finals in Chicago, IL from April 20, 2017 through April 23, 2017.
Contact: Elks National Foundation, Programs Department
Contact Phone: 773-755-4758
Contact Email: hoopshoot@elks.org

AZ State Hoop Shoot Contest

Date: 02/11/2017
Location: Cactus Canyon Junior High Apache Junction, AZ
Details: All Champions register at 9 am. 1st Shoot at 10 am.
Contact: Gregg Boyce
Contact Phone: (928) 521-2254
Contact Email: greggboyce@hotmail.com

CA State Hoop Shoot Contest

Date: 01/21/2017
Location: Foothill Middle school, Sacramento
Details: Northern Ca state contest. for the northern districts Southern contest is Feb 4, 2017 at Torrence High school
Contact: Johny Albrecht
Contact Phone: (559) 433-7350
Contact Email: bgrjohn@sbcglobal.net

CO State Hoop Shoot Contest

Date: 02/25/2017
Location: Salida
Details: Salida High School, or Salida Middle School-based upon availability of venue
Contact: Brandon Wilkins
Contact Phone: (719) 539-2300
Contact Email: wilks3@yahoo.com

CT State Hoop Shoot Contest

Date: 02/11/2017
Location: Bennet Academy Manchester CT
Details: 1151 Main Street Manchester CT Dinner and Awards to follow at the Manchester Elks Lodge
Contact: ronald stewart
Contact Phone: (860) 235-1681
Contact Email: rmsstewart1325@gmail.com

GA State Hoop Shoot Contest

Date: 02/25/2017
Location: Covington, GA
Details: Newton County High School Start Time: 10:00 AM
Contact: Warren Moyers
Contact Phone: (404) 713-9788
Contact Email: stonemtb@bellsouth.net

IL State Hoop Shoot Contest

Date: 02/25/2017
Location: Thomas Jefferson Middle School , Decatur Il
Details: 4735 E. Cantrell St. , Decatur Il 62521 . As far as right now depending on School Board well know for sure in a few months after their meeting . Its the same school that we have used in past 6 years
Contact: james swisher
Contact Phone: 815 341 4072
Contact Email: swishiv@consolidated.net

LA State Hoop Shoot Contest

Date: 03/11/2017
Location: Westminster Christian Academy, Opelousas, Louisian
Details: Louisiana State Elks Association finals. The event will start at 10am, sharp. Directions are available from your local lodge.
Contact: Ed Chandler
Contact Phone: (318) 458-9253
Contact Email: mmrreedd@gmail.com

MD State Hoop Shoot Contest

Date: 02/04/2017
Location: Washington College Gymnasium, Chestertown, MD 216
Details: Alternate Date Due to Inclement Weather-02/12/2107
Contact: Basil Wadkovsky
Contact Phone: (410) 778-4573
Contact Email: basilwad36@gmail.com

MI State Hoop Shoot Contest

Date: 02/18/2017
Location: Grand Rapids Christian HS
Details: I do not have confirmation on the school yet they will set their calendar and we will get together.
Contact: David Stratton
Contact Phone: (616) 617-2545
Contact Email: dstrat40@hotmail.com

MO State Hoop Shoot Contest

Date: 02/04/2017
Location: Kirkwood North Middle School
Details: Address is 11287 Manchester rd.
Contact: randy eaton
Contact Phone: (314) 570-3675
Contact Email: randy_eaton@yahoo.com

MT State Hoop Shoot Contest

Date: 02/04/2017
Location: Park High School. LIVINGSTON, MT
Details: DIRECTIONS: Travel south (towards Yellowstone River) on MAIN STREET 6 BLOCKS...You can't miss the High School. TIME: Registration @ 9:30 am; Contest begins at 10:00 am. AWARDS BANQUET: Livingston Elks Lodge, corner of 2nd & Lewis
Contact: John Morford
Contact Phone: (406) 581-4182
Contact Email: jmorford@bigskyracks.com

NH State Hoop Shoot Contest

Date: 02/05/2017
Location: Epsom Central School, Epsom, NH
Details: 282 Black Hall Road Epsom, NH 03234
Contact: Cullen Downing
Contact Phone: (603) 477-4744
Contact Email: downing11@hotmail.com

NY State Hoop Shoot Contest

Date: 03/04/2017
Location: Glens Falls High School 15 Quade St. Glens Falls
Details: Exit 18 on I-87
Contact: Brian Greene
Contact Phone: (518) 307-3614
Contact Email: bgreene@mangino.com

OR State Hoop Shoot Contest

Date: 02/11/2017
Location: Alder Creek Middle School Milwaukie Oregon
Contact: john heaton
Contact Phone: 503 730-1759
Contact Email: jheaton2117@msn.com

SC State Hoop Shoot Contest

Date: 02/26/2017
Location: The Jewish Community Center, Columbia, S.C.
Details: Our six contestants from each of our 3 districts will come to Columbia, S.C. for a banquet and then contest to determine our S.C. State Winners
Contact: Allen Gotbeter
Contact Phone: (803) 751-6414
Contact Email: allen.j.gotbeter.civ@mail.mil

SD State Hoop Shoot Contest

Date: 01/14/2017
Location: Georiga Morse Middle School - Pierre, SD
Details: Saturday January 14, 2017 at the Georgia Morse Middle School in Pierre, SD registration of the 12 South Dakota Lodge Champions will being at 8:45 a.m. The contest will begin at approximately 9:30 a.m.
Contact: Sebastian Axtman
Contact Phone: (605) 224-5468
Contact Email: sjaxt@hotmail.com

UT State Hoop Shoot Contest

Date: 02/04/2017
Location: Provo, UT
Details: Independence High School 636 Independence Ave, Provo, UT 84601 Contest starts at 10:00 a.m.
Contact: R.C. Smith
Contact Phone: (435) 841-9766
Contact Email: gmajparc@yahoo.com

WA State Hoop Shoot Contest

Date: 02/25/2017
Location: Saint Martin's University "Marcus Pavilion"
Details: Direction to the Headquarters Hotel, the Ramada, 4520 Martin Way E. Lacey, WA: From either northbound or southbound on I-5 you will take exit 109. Southbound travelers will turn right on Martin Way from their off ramp and proceed up a slight grade until you get to College Street. Proceed through the traffic signals and you will see the Ramada on the right. For Northbound travelers the only difference from the above is that you will turn left onto Martin Way from the off ramp and then precede the same as above. Directions to St Martin University’s Marcus Pavilion From the Ramada get back on Martin Way and head toward the freeway off/on ramp but after a very short distance (a few hundred feet) you will turn right at the light onto College Street and drive about 5/8 of a mile to Lacy Blvd SE. Turn left on Lacey Blvd SE then turn left onto Franz Street (just after the Ruddell Road intersection) and cross Pacific Avenue to the Saint Martin’s University entrance, where Franz Street will turn into Father Meinrad Gaul Drive. Signs will direct you to the proper parking location.
Contact: Joe Basil
Contact Phone: (360) 942-8131
Contact Email: baz@willapabay.org

WI State Hoop Shoot Contest

Date: 02/11/2017
Location: wausau, wisconsin
Details: Plaza hotel in Wausau is headquarters. Contestants will be bused to the Elk's Lodge. Breakfast will be at the Wausau Elk's Lodge and then contestants will be bused to the gym to compete. After the competition, we will be bused back to the Lodge for our awards banquet and then the shooters will be dismissed.
Contact: george myers
Contact Phone: (715) 839-8958
Contact Email: gmyers9780@gmail.com

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