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Parents and contestants alike love the Hoop Shoot. Watch this Hoop Shoot video below, and learn what life lessons contestants take away from the Elks Hoop Shoot Free Throw Contest.

What else do contestants take away from the Hoop Shoot? We asked parents of the 2015 Hoop Shoot National Finalists what lessons their kids learned from their experience at the National Finals.

Believing in yourself —When you participate in the Hoop Shoot, you learn how to be confident in your abilities. You can’t rely on anyone else to take the shot—the ball is in your hands. This encourages our contestants to develop GRIT (Growth, Resilience, Integrity, Tenacity), which is beneficial to a contestant both on and off the court.

“The Elks and everyone involved made our daughter feel special and important. This journey has given her so much confidence not only in basketball, but in everything else she does that we hadn't seen in her before. Thank you for building confidence, creating friendships, showing hard work pays off, and creating life long memories!”
–Parent of a 2014-15 National Finalist

Service —The Hoop Shoot has deep roots in service. Throughout all levels of competition—our Hoop Shoot Directors are volunteers—and role models to the contestants. Our Hoop Shoot Directors and other Hoop Shoot volunteers provide a great example of the impact a volunteer can have in their community, a lesson that is very important for our contestants to learn.

“He learned about generosity of others. Learned that by doing positive things he can represent his friends and community on local, state, regional, and national levels.”
–Parent of a 2014-15 National Finalist

Connecting with others— The Hoop Shoot first and foremost, encourages our contestants to Compete, Connect, Succeed. These are the values that we want every contestant of every level to experience during their time with the Hoop Shoot. There are so many different connections a contestant can make—with their families, their local Lodge, Hoop Shoot volunteers, the Hoop Shoot office and with other contestants. Making connections will help contestants succeed in everything that they do.

“[The Hoop Shoot] helped her meet and talk to others kids not be so shy.”
–Parent of a 2014-15 National Finalist

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