For Parents

Why do parents and families love the Hoop Shoot? A recent survey revealed these three top reasons why parents love our program:

An opportunity to spend time with family—with hours of practice at every level of competition, parents connect with their child throughout the Hoop Shoot experience. Family members travel with their contestant to every competition and share the experience together.

“The Hoop Shoot is much more than a free throw contest—it brings family together. The time my son and I spent together in the gym was priceless.”
–Parent of a 2011-12 National Finalist

Valuable lessons learned—the Hoop Shoot builds character through healthy competition. Contestants learn about the importance of respect and good sportsmanship. Through each level of competition, contestants develop skills that aid in achieving school and life success.

“At a young age, the Hoop Shoot taught me to value good sportsmanship and to accept victory with grace. I am grateful that, now, my own kids are learning these same valuable lessons through the Hoop Shoot.”
–Former Contestant and Parent of a 2011-12 National Finalist

Connecting with other families and Elks—Parents and contestants alike regard meeting new friends as one of the top benefits of participating in the Hoop Shoot. Families connect with one another throughout the Hoop Shoot journey, developing relationships with other parents, contestants and Elks volunteers.

“At every level of the Hoop Shoot competition, the volunteers made our whole family, especially our quiet and reserved 11-year-old daughter, feel both special and important. We treasure the memories of the entire experience.”
–Parent of a 2011-12 National Finalist

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