Kansas State Elks Association

Kansas Elks Association

On behalf of the Kansas Elks and the 18 Lodges in the state, I welcome you to our web site. The theme for this year is “Kansas Delivers For Elkdom”. With the changing times, people are working more & longer to receive the same financial comfort from just a few years ago. This in return takes members away from Elks programs. When people do not have the time to spend at the Lodge, they drop out. This takes money from your Lodge and its programs, and so the cycle goes. But we can slow this cycle down and stop it. If we get off our back side and visit with our members we could find out their likes and dislikes and plan an event that meets the most likes. We may not pack the house on our first attempt, but as we continue to change to make it more appealing, more will hear and want to attend. We can continue to do more with less. We can not give up. There are too many people that count on us. Our members need an outlet to give and help others. Really work on getting the whole family to participate. If we can accomplish this, Elks will be here far into the future.

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