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Lodge Leadership Opportunities
Learn more about local Lodge Leadership Opportunities with special guest, PGER Mike Smith.
Why Do Members Join?
New members all join for a reason. Finding out what motivates them is a big part of a successful membership program.
Balancing Lodge Activities with Membership
The Ballard Elks Lodge created a Paddle Club to provide a new, healthy and exciting way to keep members active and draw in new members to the Lodge as well.
Elks Support Girl Scout Programs
The Ballard Elks Lodge is actively engaging local families through their Girl Scout program.
Thinking Out Of Box When It Comes To Membership
Rick Gathen sits down with members of the Ballard Elks Lodge to discuss some of the things they are doing to encourage growth.
Navigating Membership
Rick Gathen speaks with two PER’s from Ballard Elks Lodge to hear about some of their strategies to help grow membership.
Public Relations Matter
Rick sits down with local member of the Ballard Elks Lodge to discuss some of their PR and media outreach efforts.
Elks Lodge Focuses On The Future
Ballard Elks Lodge visits with Rick Gathen at the historic Pacific Fishermen Shipyard to talk about some of their history and Lodge culture.
Membership Matters - Lodge Secretaries
Longtime Ballard Elks Lodge Secretary speaks with Rick Gathen.
Membership Matters: Punta Gorda, FL Elks Lodge No. 2606
The Punta Gorda, FL Elks Lodge No. 2606 celebrates 150 Years of Service by initiating more than 400 new members. Find out how!
Elks 150th Timeline
This timeline captures many of the Order's significant achievements in our first 150 years. Take a look! (Runtime: 1 min., 57 secs.)
Anniversary Shout-out
This feel-good video launched the 150th anniversary celebration. It features celebrities Jim Cramer and Steve Alford as well as a bunch of other people familiar with the Elks' impressive record of service. (Runtime: 2 mins., 37 secs.)
Elks Orientation Video
Elks new member Orientation video.
Elks: Why We Join
Since 1868, millions and millions of Americans have joined the Elks. Find out why!