Watertown, WI 0666

District No. 9660

Lodge News

  • 100th & 115th Anniversary Article #1

    Monthly articles about the Watertown Elks Lodge as they appeared in the Watertown Daily Times in 2016. These articles celebrate and discuss our 100th year in the the Concordia Opera House and our 115th year as a chartered lodge.

  • Watertown Elks Volunteerism 2016

    During 2016 the Watertown Elks Lodge will be celebrating the 115th year as an Elks Lodge and the 100th anniversary of being at their present location in the historic Concordia Opera House. As we celebrate our anniversaries this year we hope to share more insight on the Elks and our commitment to Watertown with an article each month about the Lodge and its programs. This month’s article is about the Watertown Elks volunteer and community activities.

  • Upper Bar Renovation

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