District No. 3760

Lodge Officers

Lodge Officers & Committee Chairmen

Exalted Ruler

Mike Kelly (Sally)
Cell: 410-971-3099

Leading Knight

Mike Benson
Cell: 410-643-2133

Loyal Knight

Mike Harper
Cell: 410-598-1225

Lecturing Knight

Rick Frere


Sally Kramer (Mike)
2525 Romancoke Road
Stevensville, MD 21666
Office: 410-643-2221
Cell: 443-496-1175


Leo Sincavage
Cell: 410-643-5135


Ron Kunz, PER
Cell: 410-643-6966

Inner Guard

Rose Harper
Cell: 301-221-4470


John Meyer
Cell: 707-508-5216


Doug Bishop
Cell: 410-443-1594

5 Year Trustee

Lynn Evans, PER

4 Year Trustee

Lloyd Barron (Kathy), PER
Cell: 443-336-2018

3 Year Trustee

Ron Martin (Viki)
Cell: 410-430-7541

2 Year Trustee

Cleveland Sweeney
Home: 443-362-2244

1 Year Trustee

George Tunnicliff (Karen)
Cell: 301-643-3597

Lodge Committee Chairperson

------------------- ------------------

Accident Prevention Manager

Mike Benson
Cell: 410-643-2133

Americanism Coordinator

BJ Tomardy
Home: 410-643-3588

Auditing Committee

Tammy Czarnecki
Home: 717-830-3333

Camp Barrett Representative

Carole Wolski
Home: 410-643-4571

Children's Parties

Vacant Vacant

Community Activities & Public Relations

Debbie Canter
Home: 410-310-7063

Drug Awareness Coordinator

Sally Kramer
Home: 443-496-1175

ENF Coordinator

Judy Grandin
Cell: 410-304-2417

Fishing Derby

Kevin Kelly
Cell: 443-223-7832

Fishing Derby

Mike Kelly
Cell: 410-971-3099

Flag Day Coordinator

Mike Link
Home: 410-212-1000

Government Relations

Mark Anderson
Cell: 443-496-0897

Hall Rental Coordinator

Kim Wingo
Home: 301-305-2496

Hoop Shoot Coordinator

Charlie Stroup
Cell: 410-212-7221

Horseshoe Chairman

Mike Moran
Home: 443-292-4501

Investigating Committee

Karen Tunnicliff
Home: 410-643-3597

Jernick Fund Coordinator

Angela Meyer
Cell: 410-739-5575

Kitchen Coordinator

Sharon Toone
Home: 240-793-7478

Lapsation Coordinator

Viki Martin
Home: 410-991-1139

Lounge Activities Chairman

Lloyd Barron
Home: 443-336-2018

Maintenance Facilities Coordinator

John Meyer
Cell: 443-250-1301

Membership Coordinator

Mike Kelly
Home: 410-971-3099

Memorial Day Coordinator

Mike Benson
Home: 410-643-2133

Newsletter Editor

Janie Swigert
Home: 410-703-1796

New Member Committee

Debbie Canter
Cell: 410-310-7063

PER Association

George Tunnicliff
Home: 301-643-3597

Scholarship Committee

Cleveland Sweeney
Home: 443-362-2244

Shuffleboard Chairman

Tim Sutch
Cell: 410-371-8855

Sickness and Distress

Pat McQuin
Home: 410-643-0016

Soccer Shoot Coordinator

John Meyer
Home: 410-643-6171

Soccer Shoot Coordinator

George Tunnicliff
Cell: 301-643-3597

Turkey Shoot Coordinator

DJ Johnson
Cell: 410-370-0358

Turkey Shoot Coordinator

Chris Mohler
Cell: 410-643-1834

Veterans Service Coordinator

Ronnie Martin
Home: 410-430-7541

Youth Activities

Angela Meyer
Home: 410-739-5575

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