District No. 4780

Lodge Officers

Lodge Officers & Committee Chairs

Exalted Ruler

Scott Kempf

Esteemed Leading Knight

Robert Tudor

Esteemed Loyal Knight

Sandi Mohl (Rick)

Esteemed Lecturing Knight

Bill Haley


Steve Espeseth


Mike McGaughey (Patty)


Joe Brady

Inner Guard

Stephanie Dodson


Betty Gordon


Peggy Giguere

Board of Directors, 5 Year Trustee

Marie Ruebel

Board of Directors, 4 Year Trustee

Ray Giguere (Peggy)

Board of Directors, 3 Year Trustee

Denny Struebing (Mary), P.E.R.

Board of Directors, 2 year Trustee (Vice-President to the Board of Directors/Secretary to the Board)

Anthony (Tony) Johns (Kathy), P.E.R.

Board of Directors, 1 year Trustee (President to the Board of Directors)

Curt Chappie (Shelley)

House Committee Chairperson

Larry Bumgarner (Pam)

Elks Training Chairperson

Charlie Aue (Mary), P.E.R.

Investigating Committee Chairperson

Denny Struebing (Mary), P.E.R.

Community Activities Chairperson

Denny Struebing (Mary), P.E.R.

Publicity / Newsletter Chairperson

Tracy Frame (Scott)

National Services Chairperson

Larry Bumgarner (Pam)

Auditing Committee Chairperson

Tim Nachtmann (Sheri)

Americanism / Flag Day Chairperson

Mark Robinson

Drug Awareness Chairperson

Bobby Wilkins (Kathy)

Youth Activities Chairperson

Bobby Wilkins (Cathy)

Lodge Activities / Lodge Picnic Chairperson

Larry Weber

Entertainment Committee Chairperson

Peggy Giguere (Ray)

Bingo Chairperson

Craig Palmer (Kim)

Senior Citizens Chairperson

Tom Jackson (Pat), P.E.R.

All American Lodge Chairperson

Steve Espeseth

Membership Chairperson

Steve Espeseth

ENF Chairperson

John "JT" Taylor (Tiffany), P.E.R.

Benevolent Trust Chairperson

John "JT" Taylor (Tiffany), P.E.R.

Kitchen Committee Chairperson

Kenny Motzkus

Outside Activites

Dave Lafeber

Scholarship Committee Chairperson

Stephanie Dodson

Hoop Shoot Chairperson

Gene Rohr

Government Relations Chairperson

Tony Johns, P.E.R.

Lapsation Committee Chairperson

Bill Letford

Elks Funeral Luncheon Chairperson

Ronnie Richters

Veterans Hide Committee Chairperson

Tony Dalske (Sherry), P.E.R.

Lodge Improvement Chairperson

Curt Chappie (Shelley)

Indoctrination Chairperson

Tom Byers (Renita)

Fish Fry Chairperson

Larry Weber

Visitation Committee Chairperson

Tony Dalske (Sherry), P.E.R.

Hall Rental Chairperson

Ronnie Richters

Standing Relief Chairperson

Scott Kempf

Mothers Day Committee Chairperson

Bob Carter (Kathy)

Meat Shoot Chairperson

Jimmy Dains

Valley of Flowers BBQ Chairperson

Rob Tudor

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