Gallup, NM 1440

Lodge Officers & Committee Chairs

Exalted Ruler
Timothy J. Delgado

Leading Knight
Jason Irvin

Loyal Knight
Charles Lee

Lecturing Knight
Oswaldo Guerrero

Jon Fouser

Patricia L. Holland

Trustee Chair
Johnny Thomas

Board of Directors C - Board of Directors Chair
Timothy J. Delgado

Trustee - One Year
Joseph Menini

Trustee - Two Year
John O'Leary

Trustee - Three Year
Rick Crain

Trustee - Four Year
Mario Rodriguez

Trustee - Five Year
Johnny Thomas

Robert Thomas

Anson John

Trevor Thomas

Alternate Rep to GL
Rick Crain

Chairperson - Auditing & Accounting Committee
Brent Bischoff

Chairperson - Activities Committee
Timothy J. Delgado

Chairperson - Community Project & Activities Subcommittee
Jon Fouser

Chairperson - Hoop Shoot® Subcommittee
Mario Rodriguez

Chairperson - Fraternal Committee
Johnny Thomas

Chairperson - Americanism Subcommittee
Silvano Corral

Chairperson - Elks National Foundation Subcommittee
Jon Fouser

Chairperson - Flag Day Subcommittee
Neal Duenas

Chairperson - Elks Memorial Day Subcommittee
Timothy J. Delgado

Chairperson - Membership Subcommittee
Noel Thomas

Chairperson - Lodge Activities Subcommittee
Timothy J. Delgado

Chairperson - Veterans Services Subcommittee
Neal Duenas

Chairperson - PER Association
Edwin Bud Knight, Jr

Secretary - PER Association
Mario Rodriguez

Chairperson - Public Relations
Jennifer Lazarz

Chairperson - Government Relations Subcommittee
Jon Fouser

Chairperson - State Major Project Subcommittee
Oswaldo Guerrero

Chairperson - Charity Review
Mario Rodriguez

Chairperson - Scholarship
Melinda D. Alderete