Middleboro, MA 1274

Lodge Officers & Committee Chairs

Exalted Ruler
Randal Hodge

Leading Knight
Laura K. O'Connor

Loyal Knight
Harold Chandler, III

Lecturing Knight
Theresa Sollis

Laura M. LeFebvre

Janine Hodge

Board of Directors C - Board of Directors Chair
William J. Morin

Trustee - One Year
Wally Glendye

Trustee - Two Year
Robert L. Adams

Trustee - Three Year
William J. Morin

Trustee - Four Year
Patrick D. Rooney

Trustee - Five Year
Dennis Cullity

Robin A. Shurtleff

Richard E. Tinkham

Inner Guard
Linda J. Amaral

Chairperson - Membership Subcommittee
Laura M. LeFebvre

Chairperson - PER Association
Randal Hodge