Middleboro, MA 1274

Exalted Ruler's Message

Exalted Ruler, Mike Mott's Message

Wow! The summer has just flown by & the busy fall season is upon us.  You will see in the bulletin the dates of all the District Deputy Visitations.  I will be attending all of them representing the Middleboro Lodge & I know a lot of the officers will be too.  You, as an Elks member, are also welcome to attend these visitations.

The football season has started & Sunday's will be crazy busy at our Lodge which is a good thing.  Come up & enjoy the tailgating, camaraderie & cheer on the Patriots to victory.  

We have a real busy schedule ahead of us so watch for notices posted by the doors in the Lounge & notices in the bulletins.

In this bulletin, you will find the results of the voting that took place at the Grand Lodge Convention.  For those of you who did not make the August meeting, I gave a full report of what happened at the convention & answered any questions that members had.  Further down in the bulletin you will see the message from our new Grand Exalted Ruler Malcom J. McPherson Jr. & in that he stresses to practice the three "R's".  They are "Recruit", "Retain", & "Respond".  

Well I am proud to say that the Middleboro Lodge leads the way in practicing these three "R's".  We have been recruiting new members on a steady basis, making the necessary phone calls & sending lettersto retain the memberhsip we have, & have responded to the needs of our comminity using our Grants & supporting the youth & veterans every month.

We have had a gain in membership each year for many years so that shows we are doing something right.

Congratulations on that & keep up the good work.

Our House Committee is doing an excellent job in make sure everything is going in a positivie direction and running a big raffle & BBQ Chicken function fundraiser to support our building fund.  Please come up & pruchase a raffle ticket this will help us get some major expenses we have coming up taken care of.  

The Officers & House Committee are working together to make sure your Lodge continues to be one of the premier Lodges in the State.

Come up & support their efforts & enjoy & support your Lodge in any way you can.  As always I look forward to seeing you at a meeting, at a function, or at the bar enjoying what we work hard to offer.


Thanks again,


Mike, ER, PER, LM