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GUESTS Please Take Note!!!

NO Exceptions!
Grand Lodge Statutes

Section 14.130 Subject to state and local laws, the use of the Home or Club facilities shall be limited to Members in good standing in the Order, their spouses and guests of Members, and those receiving Identification Cards under Section 14.140, as provided in the House Rules, so as to preserve the privacy of the use of such facilities to the Members of the Order. Subordinate Lodges shall take appropriate action to conform to the provisions of this Section.

Alcohol Beverages Control Commission

The investigators of the Investigative Division are charged by the provisions of M.G.L. c.138, s.56 with the responsibility to "make all needful and appropriate investigations" for enforcing the provisions of the laws and regulations that control the beverage alcohol industry in Massachusetts. The members of the Investigative Division investigate any of the over 21,000 licensees or permittees in Massachusetts to ensure that these businesses are both structured and actually conducted in compliance with the Liquor Control Act.