Live Oak, FL Lodge News

District No. 1740

Relay for Life

Hello everyone. I am proud to announce that the Relay for Life brought in $894.00 this year. A special thanks from me to you goes out to the following: Mary Check-Cason, Patti Moore, Felicia and David Vuletich, Ann Kilmire and her Grandson and Mary Lou Forsythe. We also had a bingo worker come out to walk with us. Give them all a big round of applause. Remember cancer has touched everyones life in one way or another and I pray its not your immediate Family. The track was lit up with Memorial Bags which luminated the walk. Great job everybody. There is always next year, because cancer has no time limit. May God Bless and keep you till next year. Sincerely,
Alyce Brown Coordinator for Relay For Life

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