Long Branch, NJ 742

Long Branch Elks Charity Begins at Home Scholarship

Long Branch Elks Lodge #742
Charity Begins at Home Scholarship
The Long Branch Elks Lodge #742 is proud to offer a scholarship specifically designed for the child/grandchild of an Elk member. Two $500.00 scholarships will be awarded to (2) qualifying students
Name:______________________________ Date of Birth:_________________
Address:____________________________ H.S./Grade:___________________
City:___________________________________ State:_________ Zip:______________
Lodge Member Name and member #:__________________________________________
1) List all community service organizations you have been affiliated with and length of time you have been a member.
Organization Years
__________________________________________ _________
__________________________________________ _________
__________________________________________ _________ __________________________________________ _________

2) List all extra curricular activities/sports:

3) Applicants must write a single sided, two page double spaced essay describing your involvement in volunteering in your community and what you have learned educationally and emotionally from this involvement.

4) Please include (1) letter of recommendation from a teacher and (1) letter of recommendation from an adult affiliated with any of your community service organizations.

5) Include documentation from your high school listing your current G.P.A. (must be 2.5 or higher).

6) Please submit information pertaining to your parent/grandparents involvement in the Elks organization. Please list any offices they have held, any committees they have chaired and any volunteering they do at lodge events.

7) Please submit this application along with your essay and other required documentation to the Long Branch Elks Lodge @ 150 Garfield Ave, Long Branch, NJ 07740 no later than April 12, 2013.