Long Branch, NJ 742

District No. 5760

Lodge Committees

ACCIDENT PREVENTION; Joseph Siegfried, PDD, James Gallo. AMERICANISM; George DeBonis, PER, John Jones, PER. ARMY OF HOPE; Vicky Andrisano, Jeffrey Hunt, John Jones PER. AUDITING: Joseph Siegfried, PDD, John Picard, Kenny Banach, Tammy Curran. BATTER-UP: Danny Williams, James Coyne, PVP. BUTTETIN: Eric Hurd, Delores Basile, Lorraine Severs, Krysten Brannick, Lori Paone, Paolo Paone PGELK. COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES: Delores Basile, James Gallo. DRUG AWARENESS: Lorraine Severs, Krysten Brannick. FLAG DAY: Jeffrey Hunt, Eric Hurd. GOLF OUTING: Henry Stoop, James Gallo, Tammy Curran. GOVERNMENT RELATIONS: Mary Rose Hicks. HOOP SHOOT: Raymond Rubman. HOUSE CHAIRMAN: Kevin Burrough, Raul Pacheco. INDOCTRINATION: Joseph Siegfried, PDD, Anthony Andrisano PER, Lori Paone, Krysten Brannick.INVESTIGATION: Paolo Paone PGELK, Rose Flannigan,PER, Lori Paone, Krysten Brannick.LODGE ACTIVITIES: Delores Basile, James Gallo. MEMBERSHIP RETENTION: Jeffrey Hunt, James Coyne PVP, Madeline Severs, Anthony Andrisano PER.MEMORIAL SERVICE: Eric Hurd, Jeffrey Hunt, Kevin Baxter PVP.NATIONAL FOUNDATION: Jeffrey Hunt, Jonathan Velez-Bey,PER ASSOCIATION: Anthony Andrisano PER(President), Kevin Baxter PVP.PUBLIC RELATIONS: Theresa Woods=Coyne.SCHOLARSHIP: Richard Gallo, Susan Hammer.SOCCOR SHOOT: Kevin Carey.SPECIAL CHILDREN: MaryRose HIcks, Michele Root, Madeline Severs, Violette Vilardi.VETERANS SERVICES: Debbie Giaquanto, Joanne Carbone, Sandy Fairlie. LODGE HISTORY: Paolo Paone PGELK, Kevin Baxter PVP, James Jennings, Eric Hurd. YOUTH ACTIVITIES: Eric Hurd, Krysten Brannick. ANTLERS: Eric Hurd, James Coyne PVP, Paolo Paone PGELK, Theresa Woods-Coyne. WEBSITE COMMITTEE: Theresa Woods-Coyne,James Gallo, Tammy Curran.RITUALISTIC COMMITTEE:Kevin Baxter PVP, Joseph Siegfried, PDD..BOYSCOUTS LIAISON: Jeffrey Hunt. CONVENTION COMMITTEE: tba



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