Princeton, IN 634

Past Exalted Rulers

The most recent Past Exalted Rulers' Night held at Princeton lodge #634 was in 2003. Since that time, two PERs have passed away: Past State President Terry Cooper, far left, and PER Paul "Lefty" Bell. Others present for the picture were: Past District Deputy Joe Maxey; PER Charles Blackard; Past District Deputy Gary Jenkins, in back; PER Jon Fowler; Past District Deputy Sue Ellen Parker; and PER Don E. Parker.

Past Exalted Rulers
Living PERs displayed in Bold Type
James Lewis
C.W. White
John Gorman Sr.
W.E. Salyards
C.A. Shubart
William Spillman
E.E. Noble
Unknown at this time
Paul S. Brownlee
John P. Dorsey
John Hopkins
A.J. Cassidy
Mose Schwartz
R.P. King
W.E. Criswell
E.D. Zimmerman
Lynn Lucas
H. Smith
Frank Harris
Ben Watt
John Orth
Arvil Gibson
L.L. Salomon
Joseph Vollmer
Thomas Adams
Norman E. Hart
Frank Colvin
Fred Riggs
Bret Hyneman
J.G. Pepple
Arthur Miller
Dewey Green
Stewart Watson
Fred C. Luecking
John L. Stevens
Tom Morris
C.I. Miller
Paul McCoy
A.C. Russo
C.M. Gilbert
Earl Young
W.C. Boren
Robert Watson
William Hitch
John C. Dorman Jr
Frank Rainbolt
R.W. Howe
A.C. Rothert
Ben Wilber
Ed Harvey
Pat Byrne
John Stevens
Ray Collins
William Wheeler
John Bray Jr.
J. Hershel Monroe
W.W. Barnett
Henry Pauley
Dale Mains
Charles Blackard

Glenn Fettinger
George Rike
Paul Bell
Bobby Joe Grubb
Charles R. Carnahan
Robert Hart
Joseph Maxey
C. Robert Stone
Frederick Smith

Jack Beatty
Terry M. Cooper
William E. Taylor
Gordon M. Sloan
Donald Stilwell

Shelby Stevens Sr.
Shelby Stevens Jr.
James Milburn
Robert Hart
Gordon Sloan
Richard Roberson
Jon Fowler
Hack Wallace
Hack Wallace
Gary Jenkins
Jon Fowler
Charles R. Carnahan
Chris Robinson
Gary Jenkins
Gary Schmidt
Gary Jenkins
Sue Ellen Parker
Jon Fowler
Charles R. Carnahan
Don E. Parker
Sue Ellen Parker
Jon Fowler
Jon Fowler
Kathi Memering
Rebecca L. Parker